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Comment: Phenomenal security and stability? (Score 1) 1348

by heffrey (#33935626) Attached to: Desktop Linux Is Dead

This made me laugh. Linux is much the same as OSX and Windows in this regard. If any of the 3 is weak then it would be Apple's piss-poor security process. That said Linux is a total hodge-podge when it comes to security, witness the Debian OpenSSS bug to see how badly it can go wrong.

Bottom line, Linux needs to find a differentiating factor in which it is actually discernibly different.

Comment: Microsoft track record (Score 1) 164

by heffrey (#33413052) Attached to: Microsoft's Security Development Process Under CC License

It seems that a majority of posters here are out of touch with Microsoft's track record regarding security. It was terrible 10 years cut starting from XP SP2 they have done well.

Those of you looking for a mainstream commercial software vendor that pays little regard to security should take a look at Adobe or Apple.

Comment: Re:If this were Windows (Score 1) 105

by heffrey (#32832910) Attached to: A Flood of Stable Linux Kernels Released

Yeah it really sucks that programs that run on one version of Windows keep on running on versions released far into the future. I really hate it when I can run my old programs. It just drives me mad. I wish the MS would make all my old programs break when they release new versions of Windows. Heck, I might just buy a Mac!!

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