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Comment Re:Tax Tires (Score 2) 837

I like it but, I could see this getting very messy when you have a blowout due to the already abysmal conditions existing on the roadways. Do I have to pay another round of taxes on the replacement tire even though it didn't make it to EOL? Is the State partly responsible because I paid tax on the tires with the expectation that they would spend the money on improving the roadways?

If no, do I have to get a signed affidavit from my tire place that this is a certified blowout replacement? How long until unscrupulous tire shops start helping customers evade the taxes then? How much is enforcement going to cost at that point?

If the avoidance and enforcement end up costing more than the road maintenance then you end up back in the same situation again

Comment Re:OSM for practical navigation (Score 1) 39

Part of the reason that Public Transit is so good on Google Maps is that Google developed, pushed and helped municipalities adopt the standards (GTFS) they came up with to represent transit data:

NYC MTA developer resources link:

Comment Re:Recycle and bioplastics (Score 2) 98

Second this, the only place to return CFLs for us is the Home Depot. The municipal transfer station doesn't accept hazardous waste, which they consider CFLs. They do a free county-wide recycling day ONCE A YEAR that you have to drive to in another town, but even still they don't accept CFLs.

Submission + - Chinese Appliances are Shipping with Malware-Distributing WiFi Chips->

tomgnds writes: There has been a surprising lack of outrage in the USA about the NSA scandal. Part of this is probably because many Americans feel that lots of countries are spying on us. Here is an article based on a new story out of Russia that would seem to confirm those feelings; that though the NSA is spying, other countries, like China are doing it as well.
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Submission + - Amazon Opens Up Storefront For Home Automation->

kkleiner writes: If you've spent years envying high-tech cribs where automated lighting, locks, and electronics are standard but you didn't know how to get started, Amazon's got your back. The company recently set up a designated storefront for all things related to home automation. While many of the products aren't necessarily new, providing a one-stop shopping spot and a handy "getting started" guide shows that Amazon continues to go after dollars from the niche DIY techy types, just as it did with a 3D printing storefront released a few months ago.
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