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Comment: Re:In a word... (Score 1) 1385

by hchaput (#27612757) Attached to: Obama Proposes High-Speed Rail System For the US
RTFVfHSR. This comment is completely uninformed. There is no HSR proposed from NY to LA. There are selected high-speed corridors, chosen based on existing heavy traffic, where they will upgrade existing rail lines exactly as you suggest. And just because you believe something else should also receive federal funding doesn't mean that this very good idea should not.


Hell with high speed. 99.9978% of americans dont need to go from NY to LA via high speed rail.

They need to get from the suburbs and smaller outlying cities to the major city or nearest city.

how about fixing and replacing the rail system we used to have and need? Most 30 minute commutes could be eliminated by having a simple and useable rail system.

High speed is not needed, How about having REAL public transit? you know the stuff that Ford and GM tried so hard to kill at every chance for the past 100 years...

Comment: "bypass" = "target" (Score 1) 155

by hchaput (#26936909) Attached to: Bands Bypass iTunes With iPhone Apps

The app lets you listen for free, then buy from the iTunes store. This is hardly bypassing. It's actually another avenue into iTunes. It's an ad. And you have to pay for it, too.

I think this whole discussion is hilarious, actually. Imagine that Apple announced that you could "buy PUSA's music" via streaming. There would be 10000 comments about how streaming is not ownership and what a ripoff it is.

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