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Comment Re:Oh bullshit. (Score 1) 113

As much as I hate Facebook, and I believe the number of true Facebook profiles are less then 250M, "To Caesar What Is Caesar's". Just because you think the added value Facebook creates is not rocket science, Facebook not only does use high tech software architecture but also creates software technology and delivers some as open source. I would recommend you read And trust me when your scale goes above 10 digit numbers nothing is trivial.

Submission + - Sound still not right on linux (

hceylan writes: In today's world of computers, sound is an indispensable part of desktop computers and the OSs running on them. Being a huge Linux fun, I am still disappointed with the sound systems available on Linux systems.

In early days of my working life one of managers would say, "The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good" all the time. I think this is true for sound on linux...

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