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Comment: Re:"Can't trust Google cuz they're NSA buds" = sil (Score 1) 128

by hattable (#47290005) Attached to: Google Forks OpenSSL, Announces BoringSSL

They'll be happy to comply with government requests for data, but on their own terms, and not by willfully subverting the security itself and leaving the door wide open.

I think people forget that regular ol' poor programming may leave things open--incompetence over malice.

Comment: Re:simple (Score 1) 113

by hattable (#47268441) Attached to: US Wants To Build 'Internet of Postal Things'
"Most messages" yes, but it is perfectly acceptable for the people using the USPS to send mail. The effective spread is not as great for the mail system as compared to horse shoes and rubber tires. That and government-provided access. A homeless man with nothing but a forever stamp and an envelope to his name can still send a letter.

Comment: Re:Half-Life 3 guranteed within 1-2 years (Score 1) 150

by hattable (#45010809) Attached to: <em>Half-Life 3</em> Trademark Filed In Europe
Good, now they can be left to make the game they want to despite all of the fanaticism and buildup that it can in no way live up to. Not saying they didn't appreciate your business in the past, but maybe waiting until there was 'no hope left' by the original fans is the only way to set the stage for a decent (and appreciated) game.

Comment: Flashbang article (Score 1) 573

by hattable (#40311111) Attached to: Apple Yanks Toddler's Speech-Enabling App
It's terrible that this girl may not have this app forever but that is not the point. If patents were infringed upon that is a completely separate issue. It is not as if Apple execs woke up one night and decided to go out and do evil for giggles.
We should be angry with PRC or if Speak for Yourself actually gave the finger to PRC and wrote the app aware of every infringing line of code then people should be pissed at them.

...There goes my good karma.

Comment: Before donning tinfoil hats... (Score 4, Interesting) 102

by hattable (#37304384) Attached to: NSA Makes Contribution To Apache Hadoop Project
I know NSA doesn't have the best 'street-cred' but remember that they are the folks that brought up SELinux. When they are working for security they generally know what they are talking about. Has anyone had any experience installing software on a NSA machine? If you have then you know the hurdles and testing that takes place to get something usable. They LOVE security and really just want you to love it as much as they do.

Comment: Well thought out design (Score 1) 294

by hattable (#36616708) Attached to: Google's New Design
At least on the search pages it is a very well thought out and intuitive design. I didn't even notice the change but was using the top bar to go to the images after a search before I stopped and thought something was different and noticed the bar at the top. Hopefully they continue to keep it simple and intuitive.

Unfortunately I feel they will probably end up with a bit of feature creep and bloat before long.

Comment: Not again.. (Score 1) 279

by hattable (#36577226) Attached to: UK Hacker Ryan Cleary Has Asperger's Syndrome, Court Told
I signed in to get the full brunt of karmic demise, and because this isn't something AC can say with any validity...

Asperger's is not something that every discovers after a while. It is not just social ineptitude and awkwardness. Every time some criminal or pre-tween internet troll claims they suffere from asperger's they are hurting the community of people with real syndromes and illnesses. I have lived with autism my whole life -- in that my brother suffers from it. When my parents die I will be legally responsible for him. It is serious and affects nearly every aspect of life. Asperger's, in the funny definition (and possible the most accurate) was said to contracted after reading the wikipedia article on it.
This definitely has something to do with my generations sick obsession with 'being the most fucked up.' I have heard arguments about who's took the most medication or who has the strongest pills. Society is failing somewhere and this is the result.

Not at all to imply that it isn't a real thing, but they are belittling the condition when every other kid who didin't know what to say in a random social encounter is diagnosed with it. Some people are different - not broken, not sick, just different. But when we see this we must label it, must diagnose and 'treat' whatever ails them. That mentality just sets us up to be susceptible to this type of justice-tomfoolery.

Comment: Re:People will start talking in code (Score 2) 366

by hattable (#35582248) Attached to: China Starts Censoring Phone Calls Mid Sentence
They already do: it is called Mandarin. (Not to disrespect the language and culture, I love it) But with it being a tonal language and all, if they are working anywhere within an 'acceptable' ** realm of false positives to true positives, this system is a technical triumph. Just off of the top of my head I can think of 10 different words that start with or use a part of 'protest' (in sound) but with different tones. And that is if the people are actually enunciating, which I can say with near certainty that there are only a handful of Chinese speakers in the world that will enunciate words clearly enough to allow any speech recognition system to function properly, and they are all news reporters.

** I understand that an acceptable level is probably of no concern to those running the system.

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