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Comment: How is this a surprise? (Score 2) 147

by hattable (#49701619) Attached to: Mechanical 'Clicky' Keyboards Still Have Followers (Video)
There has been a near continuous stream of articles, videos, advertisement, and reviews of mechanical keyboards coming out over the last few years. They only 'went out of style' because they stopped making new models for a few years. That only lasted until the keyboard manufacturers saw how much we were paying for model Ms and wanted back in on the action.

Comment: Hiring BACK in (Score 1) 67

by hattable (#49503919) Attached to: US Military To Recruit Civilian Cybersecurity Experts
This is a system that will work for a very big difference in how hiring just any ol tom dick or harry cybersecurity guy. You find those disillusioned ex-mil folks who are classically trained in cyber warfare (through either previous experience in that field) AND who have been in a military service component of some type. They will be easier to 'bring into the fold' of daily business while still exceeding the technical requirements and demands of such a mission. They won't care what the mission is, but they understand that the mission is what is is, and must be accomplished. Marry that with a strong technical background, and you have someone that wild deliver the capabilities you require, even if they don't care why. If they don't actively hold any of the mission objectives as opposing viewpoints you are golden.

+ - Researchers discover music that cats enjoy

Submitted by hattable
hattable writes: Cats may not enjoy your top 25 itunes playlist, but they may enjoy music that has been crafted specifically for them.

Modeling the sounds after the natural vocalizations and ranges seen in kitty conversations, researchers created songs that are more enjoyable to their little furry ears.

Possibly related to the feline affinity towards long "ee" sounds at the end their given name. This is just another way to better the lives of our kitty companions.

Comment: Re:90 days may be a little short (Score 1) 263

by hattable (#48835061) Attached to: Google Releases More Windows Bugs
This allows a company to devote minimal resources to these bugs as long as they tell the would-be-disclosing-org that "something" is "in the works." Nevermind that every bug ever submitted is in Phil's queue and he has a backlog of 2 years. It is still in the works! What more can google want from us?!

Comment: Re:Evil corporation cage match! (Score 1) 263

by hattable (#48835011) Attached to: Google Releases More Windows Bugs
Then don't use google. Dammit people this isn't victim shaming, you are explicitly choosing to use google services, google ad supported web sites, and agreeing to their terms when you do so. Access to information may be a basic human right, but being given access to a private company's indexed version of that is not.

Also they don't sell your information, they sell your viewership. They are the endpoint advertising agency not a separate company collecting and providing data to an advertising company.

Comment: Re:Alternate idea (Score 1) 77

Completely agree. Transparency would do wonders for both the security of the web at large as well as being an amazing PR move for them. Unfortunately along the lines of PR timing would definitely be a large factor in presenting a new initiative like this. Example: the IC-on-the-record tumblr thing that was started looks reactionary and probably generated so little goodwill that it was definitely a waste.

But a transparent operation would be amazing on so many fronts.

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