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Comment Word choice (Score 1) 49

Now that we've diluted the meaning of drone, in just reading the summary--or what a news soundbite would be in traditional media--I'm not sure if we should be worried about some youtube name releasing neat footage of night shots of the spanish palace or if we should start preparing for news to come of some form of state sponsored attack against the royal family.

Comment Cert-based Degree (Score 1) 296

How do most people view colleges such as Western Governors University (the only one I can think of actually) that have aligned their degree programs along certification tracks? They award a degree after the basic college courses (math, composition, etc) are accomplished and the student accomplishes so many certifications related to the degree. I thought it was a novel approach to a blended cert-based experience and school degree showing ability to finish a school program. So a graduate walks away with a B.S. in IT Security and CCNA, CCNA Sec, A+, Net+, Sec+, Project+, Linux+ and a few others. That may be the most 'vanilla' of the degree programs there.

Comment Psychopharmacologists (Score 1) 132

Maybe they keep doing research like this and eventually SSRIs won't be the first line treatment for anything and everything. I've trialled nearly _every_ damn SSRI with terrible side effects and with no intended effect over the last few years. Then with a change of doctor due to him leaving that office, the new doc says "Well I see you've tried SSRI X before, but what if we try it at a different dose this time. Or if that doesn't work we can try SSRI Y and we'll add in Wellbutrin to mitigate the side effects. The drug reps must be really fucking good at their jobs...or maybe psychiatrists know almost nothing about what they are shoving down my throat. When I say "Every morning when I take this pill, for the next 2 hours I have 6/10 level shocks from my head down my spine. Can we please stop this and try something different?" and every single doctors response is 'Well I've never heard about that being caused by this med. Maybe we should just lower your dose and step you up more slowly...' Nevermind the fact that even a cursory google search about "painful zinging down spine on medication X" has a billion pages of forum posts showing that it is pretty common. I wish my head wasn't this broken because I would never step foot into a psychiatrists office again.

Comment How is this a surprise? (Score 2) 147

There has been a near continuous stream of articles, videos, advertisement, and reviews of mechanical keyboards coming out over the last few years. They only 'went out of style' because they stopped making new models for a few years. That only lasted until the keyboard manufacturers saw how much we were paying for model Ms and wanted back in on the action.

Comment Hiring BACK in (Score 1) 67

This is a system that will work for a very big difference in how hiring just any ol tom dick or harry cybersecurity guy. You find those disillusioned ex-mil folks who are classically trained in cyber warfare (through either previous experience in that field) AND who have been in a military service component of some type. They will be easier to 'bring into the fold' of daily business while still exceeding the technical requirements and demands of such a mission. They won't care what the mission is, but they understand that the mission is what is is, and must be accomplished. Marry that with a strong technical background, and you have someone that wild deliver the capabilities you require, even if they don't care why. If they don't actively hold any of the mission objectives as opposing viewpoints you are golden.

Submission + - Researchers discover music that cats enjoy

hattable writes: Cats may not enjoy your top 25 itunes playlist, but they may enjoy music that has been crafted specifically for them.

Modeling the sounds after the natural vocalizations and ranges seen in kitty conversations, researchers created songs that are more enjoyable to their little furry ears.

Possibly related to the feline affinity towards long "ee" sounds at the end their given name. This is just another way to better the lives of our kitty companions.

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