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Comment: How Sad (Score 1) 541

by Aaron Barlow (#44226651) Attached to: America's Second-largest Employer Is a Temp Agency
Does this seem sad to anyone else? I mean, I kinda see how it's part of American business culture right now and only worried about the bottom line. If that bottom line needs to be 'lined' per say with the cost savings of temp workers so be it according to corp group-think. Too bad we can't go back to thinking that if you pay a decent wage maybe your employees will be able to afford your product...

Comment: You all have it all wrong... (Score 1) 775

by Aaron Barlow (#43843733) Attached to: Google Glass: What's With All the Hate?
Glass isn't some fashion statement, or lack there of. Glass isn't some bodily extension or prosthetic. Glass isn't a spy device. It's not a window into another world. While I think some can certainly argue that it can be and/or is all of these things, to me these miss the point. It's a freaking TOOL! Like a phone, or a hammer, a wrench, a cup, a plate, a knife. They have a purpose; whatever you might want that to be at the time. To me it's a tool. You use it to do things to make your life more convenient. It's not some 'cool look at me thing'. If you're using it for that, you're doing it wrong! Also, why in the hell should anyone care or be so judgmental on the likes and dislikes of others? Not enough of a life of your own that you must pass judgment or live vicariously? get off it already...

Comment: Never Happen (Score 1) 808

by Aaron Barlow (#43753833) Attached to: Rice Professor Predicts Humans Out of Work In 30 Years
One simple reason why this will never happen - humans like company. Take a look at how the automated lines in grocery stores have barely hung on and that's something super simple! People like interacting with other people, it makes them feel comfortable to have someone around. Who are you going to ask questions too? Now, that's from a retail environment, but what about manufacturing? That I fear will be staffed by those who can control, operate, and repair the automated systems. The price of pretty much anything hand-made has already jumped up biog time. Especially furniture.

Comment: Re:Yeesh (Score 1) 118

by Aaron Barlow (#43664563) Attached to: The Body's "Fountain of Youth" Could Lie In the Brain
Wow. Then again when I think about it. It's my body, why shouldn't I be able to tell it what to do? I can now make my hands pretty dang hot on demand. This all came about though due to going through cluster migraines for about 30 years. One doc gave me a feedback device to practice meditation. It's not perfect, but it helped.

+ - Amazon launches Amazon Preview. Hints at Original Content. ->

Submitted by Aaron Barlow
Aaron Barlow (2836495) writes "Amazon recently rolled out something interesting. Amazon Preview. Details are sparse at the moment but Amazon Preview appears to be geared toward assisting Amazon in the development of original content. One can only guess that this is a bid to let Amazon Instant compete with original content from the likes of Netflix.

As of this moment, Amazon Preview is by invite only."

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+ - Google Fiber Expansion Puts ISPs On Notice-> 1

Submitted by nmpost
nmpost (2668987) writes "The recently announced expansion of Google Fiber into another Kansas City suburb has gotten a lot of press, and rightfully so. Google Fiber is coming to Olathe, Kansas, which is a town of about 125,000 residents. It sits roughly 30 minutes outside of Kansas City. Most importantly, though, the move shows that Google wasn’t kidding when they said Fiber was not just an experiment, and they hope to expand elsewhere. Google’s expansion should put the other major ISPs on notice. Google’s affordable fiber service has been a hit, and that runs contrary to what other providers have claimed about high speed access. Time Warner’s Chief Financial Officer Irene Esteves said that there was no demand for gigabit internet. If Google continues to grow, she and her company may soon have to eat those words."
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+ - Apple Offers Two-Factor Authentication on iCloud ->

Submitted by
judgecorp writes "Apple has promised two-factor authentication for its online services following an embarrassing incident where it gave out writer Matt Honan's credentials to an imposter over the phone — and all his devices were wiped. Apple is proposing standard 2FA, with unique codes sent for every purchase, and a 14-digit recovery key to gain access to accounts which have been hacked, or whose passwords have been forgotten."
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