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Comment: Re:What's next? (Score 1) 611

by hashwolf (#34788470) Attached to: Man Arrested For Exploiting Error In Slot Machines

What's even better is that you can prove that. Kind of.

Tell anyone to keep a tally of how much they spend and how much they win when playing. If they tell you that you logic is flawed because they can win more than they spend... *dare* them to prove you wrong in practice!

The more they try to prove you wrong, the more you will be proving your point.

Comment: Analog vs Digital circuits for teaching Physics (Score 3, Insightful) 364

by hashwolf (#28714247) Attached to: Low-Budget Electronics Projects For High School?
If you want to teach PHYSICS, I recommend against digital circuits. There is much more Physics to learn from Analog(ue) circuit design and implementation. Indeed the first circuit I ever built was an AM radio reciever, according to instructions found on my school Physics textbook: "Physics for Today and Tomorrow" by Tom Duncan (IMHO the best Physics book ever) The component count is very low, about 10 components... the most expensive and difficult to find? of which are the the ferrite core and the variable capacitor. An AM radio receiver can be used to teach about electromagnetism, resonance, electronics, etc. Students wishing to go that extra mile can attempt to also build an AM transmitter (this can be even easier to build.)

Comment: Re:Gadzooks! (Score 1) 780

by hashwolf (#27962859) Attached to: Hacker Destroys Avsim.com, Along With Its Backups


Mirroring is not backup I agree.

Once I tried this at home...

Had a backup server where I kept my data, the server had a mirror with 4 disk; each disk had a copy of the data I was working on. Data was written to snapshots on a mirrored partition before being commited to the main partition in order to avoid losing data due some server management mishap. Data was written on this server through CVS to have more control over changes to data.

Guess how I lost my data?

The server got knocked off my desk and slammed hard against the floor!

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