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User Journal

Journal: Comments enabled...

Journal by harshmanrob

Just a note...please feel free to comment on anything. I am not a chicken shit so my comments are ENABLED. I will also use "plain old text" from now on. Apparently slashdot hates it when people so I am going to keep doing it.

I will also end all posts with "FUCK SLASHDOT" for a while.


+ - Ask Slashdot Karma

Submitted by harshmanrob
harshmanrob (955287) writes "Got a question. I just noticed today that my Karma is "BAD" After I did some looking on my recent comments, I have noticed three common factors. If I say something bad about democrats, linux, or RPGs and I get troll moderated. I would not call that a fair way if moderating. Now to be honest, I am not going to lose any sleep with bad (or worse) karma nor do I have any interest in moderating others. Same goes with getting kicked out of slashdot. I have better things to do. I have always thought pretty highly of slashdot and freshmeat. But your moderators leave a lot to be desired.

Could I get an article posted saying "liberals are not for net neutrality" (of which they certainly are not by the way)? Slashdot does not seem to mind posting McCain hates bloggers, bad Microsoft articles, and how love to bash SCO whenever it gets the chance. Then again, neocons/fascists are just as much of a piece of crap as socialist trash like Obama. I hate both wings of the so called "two party system" destined to crash the US. But I digress. I am also not scared to mention in comments what I really think about both of them.

Slashdot CLEARLY has its own political agenda and has no qualms on broadcasting it.

I guess my question REALLY is what is up with bad karma on comments not liked by others? It is not like I have posted comments to hurt others or post spam. Does not going along with the Slashdot plan assign me a bad karma level? If I like Windows, Republicans, or SCO am I evil? All viewpoints does not seem to exist here.

Let me know.


Harsh Rob"

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".