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Comment: I'm creative! (Score 1) 278

by hardware1949 (#38281638) Attached to: Sub-$100 Android 4.0 Tablet Coming Soon
I could never buy one of these cheap 7" tablets. I'm Creative damn it. But I did buy a Visio 1008 for $189.99 at Costco and the bugger is sluggish. Don't understand why the manufactures have to cheap out on the ffing memory. 512K just doesn't cut it. Another $15.00 for a 16 GB micro SD card, but at least it has the slot for the card. Aaaa?

Comment: Universal gestures ala Apple (Score 0) 177

by hardware1949 (#35848170) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Is the Universal Gesture Navigation Set?
They're coming, just have patience. You have to go through the Apple version of nurturing and maturity. First wait until a young startup company builds the UGI and throughly debugs it. Next step is simple. Sue the startup, claim it as your own IP and enjoy life as a successful CEO. Ain't it cool?

Comment: A drastic solution (Score 0) 105

by hardware1949 (#34065208) Attached to: Inside Google's Anti-Malware Operation
Got Seals? SAS? or other retired special services men and women? It seems like they are a solution looking for a problem. It's hard to write malicious code with broken fingers, hands and arms. Oh wait, my bad for wanting to hurt the bad guys, because destroying peoples data and life histories are really just playful hi jinx.

Thief Returns Stolen Laptop Contents On USB Stick 352

Posted by samzenpus
from the it's-been-a-pleasure-being-your-victim dept.
While it's true that Sweden is responsible for unleashing IKEA and ABBA on humanity, not everything they produce is terrible. Their thieves are some of the most considerate in the world. An unnamed professor at Umeå University received a USB stick with all his data after his laptop was stolen. From the article: "The professor, who teaches at Umeå University in northern Sweden, was devastated when ten years of work stored on his laptop was stolen. But to his surprise, a week after the theft, the entire contents of his laptop were posted to him on a USB stick. 'I am very happy,' the unnamed professor told the local Västerbottens-Kuriren newspaper. 'This story makes me feel hope for humanity.'"

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