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Comment Re:this is ridiculous (Score 1) 440

Cost has absolutely nothing to do with what I said. Aside from cost, what is the difference between anyone watching the front door from the street and a camera? Nothing. There is no difference. That's why it's perfectly legal to have the thousands of street level cameras on the streets of everywhere. I don't like it either. But, they are perfectly legal. This decision will surely be overturned.

Comment Snowden and Wired magazine (Score 1) 601

Snowden's disclosure of the NSA's data recording activities was already made public last year in Wired magazine: . The most interesting point of the article, aside from the scope of the surveillance, is that they don't need to analyze all of the data in real time. They just need to record ALL of it and then go back and sort through the "good stuff".

Comment looks fanatastic (Score 1) 384

Ok, so I'm going to be the contrarian. Again. Surprise. I think it looks very good. I can see three or four summaries without having to scroll (4.8" screen), when I hit an article the font size is very readable. Only when I hit an off-site link does the display look like crap, when you go to a site that is not optimized for mobile devices. Then the font is about the same size as nanites. The pop-up is annoying and not necessary to me. I have a couple of Joomla based websites that use a plugin that automatically detects if you're on a mobile device and just sends you to the mobile optimized site. Not sure why you don't just do that.

Comment day 1 (Score 2) 229

Been with you since day one. The attraction for me at the time was that Slashdot was using GNU/Linux. Continued since then because it is simply the best search engine out there. I've been trying to remember the other search engines at the time (without googling them) and can remember only Alta Vista and Dogpile.

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