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Comment: Re:Defense of Gladwell (Score 0) 213

I grew up in a culture that was taught to respect elders too, but not so much if they're wrong or are idiots. Confucianism never teaches people to follow leaders/elders blindly, it's perfectly justified to overthrow an unjust emperor, just like many times it happened in Chinese history.

Comment: Re:As a math / science teacher (Score 0) 690

by halofan_sd (#42479899) Attached to: Why Girls Do Better At School
because when boys do better, there's something wrong with the system, let's change the way we teach, or there's something wrong with the boys, let's put them on Ritalin. and we need to have "equal opportunity" for girls, let's give preference for girls in college admission. when girls do better, oh what's wrong with the boys?

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