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Comment: US being Re-Active again (Score 1) 630

by haknick (#42368619) Attached to: Drawings of Weapons Led To New Jersey Student's Arrest
Going from one extreme to the other. US seems to continue not being able at being proactive, and think long term when it comes to internal affairs. That said, they're always perfectly proactive when it comes to corporate driven external policies (Not that it's bad, it's just the way it is)

Comment: Re:Mixed feelings (Score 2) 244

by haknick (#38351616) Attached to: Facebook Releases JIT PHP Compiler
Great writeup. I really don't know if ppl writing here have ever programmed a real project in PHP. Check out Concrete5 and reply with a better, cleaner, faster to build modules/plugins for, more extendable open source CMS in any other language. Let's see what competition is out there. Only a month ago we finished a very similar proprietary system that is so much better than say Apache Roller (which I had prior experience), it's not even funny. Now, obviously there are certain things that PHP is just not good at because there simply wasn't any pushing in certain areas. Scala's continuations are one such thing that I really need recently and PHP is just the wrong tool for. Obviously I'm using Scala for it and the turnaround was pretty quick too (especially considering how much more complex thinking Scala requires).

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