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Comment how do you define retirement? (Score 1) 345

TFA seems to be talking about a possible end of production. After that, it'll take 25 years for first-rate airlines to write them off, and some operators may run them longer still.
So I'd say we're decades away from retirement, but I guess that's par for the course for this article. What a load of drivel.

Comment Re:real-time adaptive video playback (Score 1) 220

Then why is is that every single Flash video I see stutters? [1] Skipping video frames instead of pausing is bloody annoying.

1: on big sites like Youtube and DailyMotion, playing back on my 2012 high-end Macbook Pro with a 100 Mbit internet connection. Which has no trouble at all when I download the video and play it back locally.

Comment Re:I don't get it, what is this about? (Score 2) 145

In my experience, proper POTS networks are vastly superior to most VoIP solutions I've used. Just today I spent an hour in a conference call (GotoMeeting) where the crappy VoIP insisted on routing my own voice back to my headset with a 1-second delay, so I had to take off the damn headset to be able to talk.

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