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Comment Threat responce and possible course of action (Score 1) 265

Without knowing what company and what thier actual business model is, my first inclination assuming they have not been hacked, would be are you doing anything that is creating IP traffic that they might be observing, and thus scanning you back?

A case in point, I once bought an HP/WinME (pls don't ask) machine that came with some undocumented extra software that I didn't ask for, no surprise. The actual purpose of this "keyboard driver" system service was to keep any dialup session active, by pinging a particular IP address. That address was assigned to a company (not the Mfg or even software author) and that company had necessarily black-holed that particular IP address, which could not be changed. My firewall would light up every so often because of probing packets and ICMP coming back from that domain in response to this software on my machine doing really stupid things. I could not turn this feature off without hacking my own machine to remove this system service. Funny how removing a system service keyboard driver has absolutely no effect on using the machine, who would have guessed. In hind sight, I can not blame that company for scanning me because in their eyes I was the intruder, constantly pinging them.

If you are sure that none of that is the case, and you really don't want to disable your fw scan detection then this is what I would do. Make a copy of one of their scans and print it. Write a letter for a cease and desist and address it to their legal department, and sent it via certified USPS mail. If that does not get action then I would seriously consider turning that feature off.

Comment How about a little reverse terrorism? (Score 1) 177

Take the original video off line, and replace it with one of a Special Forces unit taking out the person that posted it on line. Let them all think we have a nice all expense paid resort vacation awaiting them at Guantanamo Bay. All you need do to enter the contest is to post your favourite terrorist slasher video.

Comment Sound investment (Score 1) 210

So, so we are supposed to invest all our retirement funds in an American company that is betting that the Chinese will beat us economically with their socialist version of free trade? Their stock market just tanked not so long ago, should we worry?

Oh, and remember that their stock market reporting and analysis services are completely non-biased. What could go wrong?

Comment I propose a test (Score 0) 588

Invite the child with parents back to the school for conference. Take 10 school rooms at random and place computer equipment in each, all unplugged with no powered up WiFi, but not obviously so. Bring them around to each room and have the child assess that room for their level of comfort 'in attempt to find the best learning environment for the child'. No WiFi in the entire school should be on during this period, and ask the child which rooms were better or worse, except in the conference area, place a completely hidden WiFi transmitter. Sit back and see if they can notice the difference. If the child complains about the conference room and non of the classrooms, then relent and make the required changes, otherwise document the experiment for the court system to decide.

Comment source of frustration traceable to... (Score 5, Informative) 229

The major source of frustration is tied to the lack of compatition. Most areas I know have little option to leave their cable contract because the industry has made sure there are no competing services that would spur their customer service into actually playing nice to retain their customers. They know that they don't need to care because all other options have reduced quality. I for one have no options other than pulling the plug to go with multiple antennas for terestrial broadcasts from 40 miles away, or satellite. No real internet options. The 'last mile' predicament leaves me wondering how much Comcast actually pays to keep the compatition out of my community. Any mergers will only make their position stronger so they can afford to raise prices even more as they reduce what channels I get on my plan. I currentlt have less than half tha channels that I had with Adelphia before that merger, and what I have left is mostly junk other than PBS where there is actually more selection through terestrial.

Comment Re: Dark matter doesn't exist. (Score 1, Funny) 117

Agreed. My own theory does away with the need for both Dark Matter and Dark Energy in one easy to understand step. One only needs to define the photon as a thermodynamic reexpansion of spacetime that was compressed by nearby matter. Gravity becomes an emergent property of spacetime, through the first principals of physics. No magic required. Its about as simple as a theory can get, and as a side benifit it also makes SR, QM and GR mutually dependant. It should be testable, and later papers will help explain the physical nature of both entanglement and the many SR paradox.

Comment Re: OK (Score -1) 117

Very true. They never stop to think that GR may actually be incomplete as a theory. GR in all that it does is only a description of how things move. It is not a description of what makes things move, and that is its major fault as a theory. One needs to step back and begin with first principals to understand better why things move. There is a reason for everything and it takes the ability to admit you dont know how something works to go back and discover how it actually does. If in 100 years you still don't know the answer then there is a reason you don't, that something is called an assumption.

Comment Dark Matter and Dark Energy are non-existant (Score 1) 236

They are both "Dark" because they do not exist. This article is a perfect case example of how Dark Matter would have to be distributed in a manor that generally ignores gravity itself. If it ignores the influence of gravity then how is it that its properties are defined by its influence on other objects through gravitational attraction? Do they really think that it can pull on things but ignore its own pull towards that non-dark matter?

Comment Re:Yeah, Right. (Score 2) 95

I could not agree more. They are the most wide open and hackable social media site, and paring up with the one form of currency where you have absolutely no recourse in repudiation of any transactions. Its the 'perfect storm' just waiting to happen. At least with a CC you have limited liability, but in this case you can only make sure you don't have enough money in the account for someone to steal. That means moving money between accounts just to buy something.

Comment Re: Cheaper method (Score 1) 127

You are right. The need for Dark Matter and Dark Energy is indicative of the level of their error. Their first problem is the math describes the motion of gravitation, not the process. Their second problem, because of the first, they are ignoring the first law of thermodynamics. The only way to reconcile both problems is to step back for a reexamination the actual evidence. All it takes is a thermodynamic definition of a photon and the gravitational process emerges as a physical property of spacetime itself. No Dark Matter, no Dark Energy required, an unfortunately for these scientsts no measurable gravity waves either.

Comment Not likely (Score 1) 576

In order for inter-galactic travel they would need to travel at near the speed of light, which would take more energy than is available in the Universe. Even at light speed they would have had to start their journey thousands of years ago and we only started transmitting radio waves a hundred years ago (give or take), so they would see no particular reason to visit us. Wandering around the Universe at near light speed, for no particular reason, does not seem to be a particularly economic way to travel, considering that they would expend more energy in getting here than the Earth even has to offer for their return. A ship that gobbled up stars and planets along the way might fuel such a craft, but the size of it would make it both impossible to build and impossible to get up to near light speed. Its just not going to happen. They would need to travel by transporter beam to get here, assuming that ever becomes possible.

That being said, if the craft was travelling at light speed you could not see it. The light emitted from the front surface at near the speed of light would be so highly blue shifted that it would be above or in the gamaray zone, but not a particularly powerful source nor a single burst that would then trigger sensors like SWIFT, or Fermi, but might be visible to HESS if they do comparative imaging over time to detect moving gammaray objects *across* its field of view. If its coming right at us probably not.

Due to the laws of physics I can still sleep well at night.

Comment "hypothetically, you use your Waze" (Score 2) 468

And hypothetically they would have to be sitting still for like 20-30 minutes at a time for this to ever be a problem. Somene would have to be scanning the waze map and driving to that location. Happening upon that officer already happens, so nothing new unless the map is directing them there. Reality is that when a person sees an officer on waze, or perhaps the marked location where they were 20-30 minutes ago, they have a tenancy to slow down. Isn't that what they are after when they set up a speed trap? Yea, I know, they loose revenue, but then they can start paying attention to other things that are more important.

Here is a little scenario. An officer stops on the side of the road, and waits until that location gets marked on waze. Then he moves to another street and waits to get marked again, and again. Now the map looks like the police are all over the place. Properly played waze is a force multiplier. If waze were to simply change the marking algorithm so that marking an officer took one user event, but removing it took several, then the police would have the kind of visual presence on the map that would serve their better interest. People in those areas will slow down, and no you won't know which is current and which is merely recent.

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