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Comment LG Layoffs (Score 1) 95

Who ever this Micheal is, stated he cannot confirm bounced checks from LG should ask for confirmation. If he sends me his email address, I can send him a scanned copy of the check and a letter from my bank. Growth was to fast in my opinion. To many people were opting to take the Sair test and many were passing We in Atlanta had 4-5 people ready to start work. We had no outside contacts or space in the office to accomindate to many more people. I new something had to change. I thought they would have to stop the "Train for Hire" program but they found another solution. SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! I was in the Atlanta office. I paid for the class and took the class in October so I am srewed two ways. I passed the Linuxgruven tests which were a hell of a lot harder that the Sair tests. Only 16 people in the nation ever passwd the LG tests. I had started working last month. My March 2th paycheck bounced and the paycheck due today probally will not arrive but will also bounce if is does. There is "insufficient fund" in LG's bank account which I check every day. The same happened with 5 of the other 6 Atlanta employee. The one whose check did clear deposited if before noon that day. The LG management in St. Louis called the building lease manager in Atlanta and had the locks removed while we were still in the office with students. They did not have the moral fotitude to inform the employees beforehand. With the website statement that " no one has officially been laidoff" and the fact that Georgia Dept. of Labor says LG paid no unemployment tax no one can may be able to get unemployment. The phone number (888-644-6545) the student were give to contact LG is not being answered. I have called every day, over a dozen times, but no answer. I wonder if the email address given to the students is accepting meassage or more importantly has anyone got a reply. It was James Hibbets email

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