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Comment Re:Refresh my memory (Score 4, Insightful) 127

They're just trying to inflate their sense of self-importance, and calling them hackers as this article does helps accomplish that. Just like terrorists, the only way to stop these assholes is to stop giving them the spotlight (unless it is to mock them). Either call them what they are -- script kiddies -- or just don't talk about them at all. Even if they manage to DDOS your favorite game server, in the bigger picture they've accomplished nothing at all. Get up, stretch your legs, find something else to do and ignore them. It's what they deserve.

Comment Re:Instead of bashing NASCAR. . . (Score 1) 387

Maybe because it's a godawful formula with terrible-sounding cars, gimmicks like Tweet to Pass (err, I mean "FanBoost", gotta have a brandname), and which seems to have been designed to emphasize the failings of electric cars (every driver needs two entire cars instead of two exchangeable or fast-charging batteries, and to call attention to this you can't actually step out of one car and into the other, but instead have to complete a freaking foot race down the pitlane when you change cars.)

It's a pathetic joke of a formula, and deserves to die quickly and quietly.

Comment Sony doesn't own (Score 4, Informative) 188

If you're going to snark, it helps to be right. Sony doesn't own, something you could've confirmed for yourself in seconds. is a C|Net created site owned by C|NET parent company CBS Interactive, which in turn is owned by CBS Corp, which in turn is owned by National Amusements. Finally, National Amusements' majority owner is owned by Sumner Redstone (aka Rothstein) and family.

Comment Re:Link doesn't mention encryption at all (Score 1) 150

Probably should've read my full post before you replied, because I identified exactly which link I was talking about. I provided the exact phrase on which the link was placed; that link has since been moved to the words Android 6.0. (And the fact those words no longer had a link should probably have tipped you off.)

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