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Comment: Re:What about color rendition index? (Score 1) 328

Cree's TW-series bulbs have a CRI of 93. That doesn't match incandescent, but it comes damned close (I'd argue indistinguishably so, for most people), and at a much lower total cost of ownership, too.

Really, the only issue with Cree is that they don't yet offer an own-brand LED bulb with a candelabra base. Most of the upstairs rooms in my house had brand-new ceiling fan light fixtures when I bought the place, and thanks to Chimpy McFlightsuit and a Republican congress, ceiling fans are now required by law to have candelabra or other lesser-used fixtures, unless they're sold with CFL bulbs in the box. The subsequent switch to candelabra bulbs by most of the industry now means Cree bulbs can't be used in them without a bulky, space-wasting adapter. (And the requirement that all fans must ship with bulbs in the box means you no longer have a choice of what bulb to start with, unless you care to throw them straight in the trash when you buy a new ceiling fan.)

The frustrating thing is that Cree has a candelabra reference design, and others may make candelabra bulbs based on Cree LEDs, but they lack Cree's excellent warranty and build / design.

Comment: Re:Few Million a Year is a BIG Stretch Goal (Score 2) 181

by gweilo8888 (#48813091) Attached to: Tesla To Produce 'a Few Million' Electric Cars a Year By 2025
You're only just now realizing this? Even Toyota, the world's largest automaker, has *global* production of just around 10 million cars per year, and unlike Tesla, their vehicles aren't carefully aimed at sucking blood from the rich -- they actually sell vehicles the common man can afford. It's beyond completely absurd to suggest that Tesla will get to even a third of that point within a decade.

Comment: Re:Cheaper option, Google Cardboard (Score 1) 74

by gweilo8888 (#48812661) Attached to: Ars: Samsung Gear VR Is Today's Best Virtual Reality
Even the supposed 1440p of the DK3 -- has that spec ever been officially confirmed? Not to my knowledge -- spanned across a 100-degree field of view as in the DK2 is less than 25.6 horizontal pixels per degree.

I can't calculate more precisely than that, sadly, because I can't find a FOV spec for an individual eye with the Oculus, and I don't know what overlap there is between eyes to calculate this. Check out what the human visual system is capable of, though, and even 25.6 pixels per degree is not remotely close, so it's splitting hairs to worry about what the actual figure is.

The fact of the matter is that even on the latest model, you are getting just around 1280x1440 pixels per eye -- far less than even a consumer monitor these days -- and that is being wrapped around a much greater area of your field of view than would be the case with that consumer monitor. The perceived resolution of every VR rig on the market or that I've seen publicly in development is awful; the DK3 is just a bit less awful than most. The problem is that to provide sufficient resolution would require custom displays (instead of cheaping out and using existing smartphone LCDs), and it would require a hell of a lot more processing power to provide a low-latency, lag and stutter-free signal at that resolution. In other words, it would be expensive as hell, and that's before the developer themselves made any profit at all.

To my mind, we're still a good five years or more away from quality VR being affordable on a consumer budget. Whether there will be a viable gaming industry left at that point is up for debate, with the way that so much of the industry has abandoned quality games in favor of nickel-and-diming its customers to death on freemium drek.

Comment: Re:Cheaper option, Google Cardboard (Score 1) 74

by gweilo8888 (#48810433) Attached to: Ars: Samsung Gear VR Is Today's Best Virtual Reality
And having used the latest version myself in a tech demo at CES, even Oculus suffers badly from latency, not to mention absolutely shockingly-low resolution that makes it feel like a 1980s video game. Sorry, but I'll be sitting out this round of VR entirely; we need much greater processing power and resolution before VR becomes anything more than a momentary distraction that is quickly forgotten.

Comment: Re: Seen the e-Golf? (Score 2) 395

by gweilo8888 (#48482487) Attached to: France Wants To Get Rid of Diesel Fuel
90 miles is frankly pathetic. That's a best case scenario 45 miles there and back; less with frequent starting and stopping. And 45 miles by road is probably not like 35 miles as the crow flies. Imagine a 35 mile radius around your home. You cannot get any further than that without recharging. And that's supposed to be good mileage?

These work for a regular daily commute of relatively short distance, nothing more. In the real world you need to own a second car to do anything useful after work, on weekends and holidays, or when taking a vacation. And if you need a second car for that, you bought the wrong first car.

Get hold of portable property. -- Charles Dickens, "Great Expectations"