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+ - now supports 2FA and OTP with YubiKeys->

Submitted by gurubert
gurubert (39045) writes "Privacy made in Germany and a secure mobile office are now supported with two factor authentication (2FA) based on Yubico's one time password (OTP) tokens: YubiKeys.

YubiKeys are small USB tokens that generate random one time passwords. Together with a PIN they form a two factor authentication passphrase that can be used to login to the web service without compromising the normal password. One time passwords are not reusable. This protects against the risks of keyloggers in public places like Internet cafes.

In addition to secure logins offers the encrypted inbox and a feature rich online office based on Open-Xchange with up to 500GB online drive space."

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Comment: Berlin is a small city? (Score 1) 625

by gurubert (#40625443) Attached to: Why Ultra-Efficient 4,000 mph Vacuum-Tube Trains Aren't Being Built

Berlin/Germany had a tube based system for letters and postcards that extended to 400km in 1940.
It connected 79 post offices in the city and transported 8 million mailings yearly.

Destroyed in WW2 it was partly reconstructed and used up until 1986.

Article in German:

Comment: IPv6 Autoconf & DHCPv6 (Score 1) 150

by gurubert (#37837454) Attached to: Vint Cerf Answers Your Questions About IPv6 and More

I am missing a question and an answer: Why is IPv6 autoconf missing such basic features as providing information about DNS servers?
Or the other way round: why did nobody think about central management stuff that DHCPv4 provides in corporate networks? DHCPv6 is nowhere even barely usable.

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