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Comment: Re:It's not like they've had 5 months to fix it... (Score 4, Interesting) 89

by guru42101 (#47711969) Attached to: Heartbleed To Blame For Community Health Systems Breach
I know people who work there. Their only priority is profit. A few weeks ago they did the largest settlement ever with the feds for defrauding medicare. One of the higher ups in a town hall meeting about their atrocious turn over rate compared their employees to janitors. They put red tape over things that should be simple which causes employees to use improper routes to just get something working for now.

Comment: Re:Chicken or Egg (Score 1) 42

by guru42101 (#47154265) Attached to: Science Moneyball: The Secret to a Successful Academic Career

Medical / Biology has it's own author order convention. First author is generally the person that did the most work/research on the publication. Last author is the person who managed it. Second author is generally the primary grunt of work. After that is anyone else that contributed / edited, often in order of amount contributed.

Source I worked at a research hospital for several years and actually managed to snag myself a second authorship on a project.

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by guru42101 (#46858607) Attached to: China Censors "The Big Bang Theory" and Other Streaming Shows
I'd agree that it is protectionism, but more from brain drain. It shows eccentric scientists living happily and somewhat successfully in the US. One of the main characters is of Indian descent and there are often several other Asian scientists shown in the university lunchroom.

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IMO the solution is to change it from charging the battery to swapping out the battery. The problem then is having a standardized battery configuration/connection and we all know how well standards go. The station can then charge for the electricity and expenses, including an amount to cover the occasional battery replacement.

Comment: Re:7.1 million is pathetically low, so ya I believ (Score 1) 723

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I don't know which numbers include children/dependents and which ones don't. That is an important bit of information. If the 60 million is individuals and the 7.1 million is plans, which is how it reads then the total coverage could be significantly higher. If it's the other way around then it is significantly worse.

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I think you're saying the same thing. Government is interfering in the wrong ways because it has been overly influenced by corporations and financial institutions. Due to this it is not acting in the best interest of the general populace but those few that have enough cash to game the system.

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Ya, it would be nice if there was a Amazon app for Android so I could watch it on my Nexus. We only got it for two reasons: free shipping (as we had just moved into our first house) and I had been gifted a Kindle 7 HD. Now we've also acquired a Nexus 10 and the only option to watch Prime videos is via the browser with flash enabled, which is a non-trivial task.

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