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"Retired" and "Unemployed" are two words that may mean the same thing, or may not. If you're unemployed by choice, then you are what most people would refer to as "retired". If you are unemployed not by choice, then that makes people think you're unemployed because you can't find a job.

Oh, and I'm also stupidly wealthy, which is why I haven't had to work since 2000

Obviously you fall into the category of "retired".

+ - World's Fastest Camera Captures 4.4 TRILLION Frames Per Second->

Submitted by Diggester
Diggester (2492316) writes "The race for faster and more furious just got big in the imaging and photography department. Japanese researchers have recently designed a motion picture camera which is capable of capturing 4.4 trillion frames per second. That’s right; it makes this snapper the fastest the world over. This technique that is known to be STAMP (sequentially timed all-optical mapping photography) is able to boast 450×450 pixels. The work by the Japanese researchers has been so popular that the Nature Photonics has published it."
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It will also still include the ever popular 130 decibel klaxon for informing you of Amber alerts at 5 AM on a saturday.

There's nothing worse than the 130 decibel Amber alerts or "severe weather" alerts during a quiet meeting, and everyone's phone goes off at different times letting everyone know it's raining!

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and the other is requiring you by law to be a responsible adult and not partake in activities that have been proven to kill people while driving and to perform those activities at a safe time

Sounds like drinking and driving. True vehicular manslaughter.

In 2010, 10,228 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States.1


Back to my original point, Just having a law to tell people to stop doing something, even if it's enforced like DUI's, still won't prevent everyone from doing it. I think having a safer alternative, like this HUD display, is optimal to solve the problem. That's what technology is for, solving problems. Grumbling and complaing about people being on their phones won't solve anything.

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Who drives with two hands? You only really need one to operate a steering wheel. Waving your hand left or right is significantly less distracting than typing on a keyboard. Not only that, but keeping your eyes on the road, as opposed to looking down, is much safer.

Here's a suggestion, save your damned text messages and social media updates for when you're not bloody well driving.

That worked out really well with prohibition. It is a great suggestion, but hoping people will not send texts/emails/answer phone calls while driving is simply naive. I think an invention like this that hopes to make it safer for people to use their phone while driving is a much better alternative than scolding people who use their phone. I completely agree that it is dangerous to use your phone. It's 2014, there are better/smarter ways to use a phone than holding it and typing on it.

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by gunner_von_diamond (#47583645) Attached to: Hotel Chain Plans Phone-Based Check-in and Room Access

how much does this picture of a hyper-connected, distracted, wants-to-be-advertised-to-24/7 Millenial match with actual people?

As for the millenials as a whole generation, it matches up pretty well. 24/7 access to information on smartphones. We (yes, I said we, as in millenials) don't need to ask people for information when we can get it right away. Which leads to impatience and wanting everything now.

I'm just not sure _everyone_ under 30 is like that.

You are absoloutely right. Not everyone under 30 wears fedoras and is a tech hipster. But,

a hyper-connected, distracted, wants-to-be-advertised-to-24/7 Millenial match with actual people

lines up almost exactly with every millenial because we all grew up with the internet and smart phones (for the most part). If we do everything else automated on our cell phones, it makes sense to have automated hotel check ins.

But like you said, the security implications will be interesting! We'll see if it will be easier or not to break into a hotel with a smartphone vs. traditional hotel room break ins.

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