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Obamacare Could Help Fuel a Tech Start-Up Boom 671

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dcblogs writes "The arrival of Obamacare may make it easier for some employees to quit their full-time jobs to launch tech start-ups, work as a freelance consultant, or pursue some other solo career path. Most tech start-up founders are older and need health insurance. 'The average age of people who create a tech start-up is 39, and not 20-something,' said Bruce Bachenheimer, who heads Pace University's Entrepreneurship Lab. Entrepreneurs are willing to take on risks, but health care is not a manageable risk, he said. 'There is a big difference between mortgaging your house on something you can control, and risking going bankrupt by an illness because of something you can't control,' said Bachenheimer. Donna Harris, the co-founder of the 1776 incubation platform in Washington, believes the healthcare law will encourage more start-ups. 'You have to know that there are millions of Americans who might be fantastic and highly successful entrepreneurs who are not pursuing that path because of how healthcare is structured,' said Harris"

Comment: Re:My solution for fixing Windows 8 (Score 1) 578

by gullevek (#43913035) Attached to: A Serious Proposal To Fix Windows 8

* I have used OS X (and OS 9) and I never had to enter a CC into anything. Ever.

* One is delete the other way. There is an icon there
* Opt/Alt is the same, you can set that in iterm2 (and terminal)
* All F keys there -> I use them for the expose stuff.
* I have no problem with the num pad. It has a clear key and a , and . key. How awesome is that?

* I agree on a tons of other things (fullscreen sucks donkey balls in Lion, there is still no proper full screen window mode, this "+" thing still pisses me off, memory management is often shit as crap)

* Finder is shit as fuck and it gets worse with every release. Ever tried to do two actions at the same time, Finder is useless. Was not that way in Leopard, they fucked that up for good in Lion and I doubt they will ever fix that.
* btw type in path is cmd+shift+G

* Never used an Apple mouse, only normal ones with normal buttons.

* where is copy/paste not working? I never had a problem with that. Just remember cmd+shift+opt+v pastes without format

* yes, HFS+ is so old it still thinks its 1900 here. And again there is no sight to fix this old crap one

Comment: Re:Happy with XFS (Score 1) 268

by gullevek (#43650589) Attached to: Btrfs Is Getting There, But Not Quite Ready For Production

I have used XFS on several systems for about 9 to 10 years. I had some issues with it on one box, I had to run xfs_repair on it from time to time, but that was in the range of once every 3 years. The other systems are fine. But those are server boxes with battery backup hardware raid and UPS that will shutdown the box gracefully in case something goes bad with the power. XFS does not like "home" systems and if you just reboot your box you are likely to have data loss.

Currently I am deploying ext4 on my new systems, somehow XFS doesn't have that much speed advantage over ext4 as to have it in production anymore.

Comment: Just to make some things clear (Score 1) 268

Those non NTT Fiber services only work if you can directly put the Fiber in your house. So if you live in your one single home, no problem, if you live in a small Appartment block below the 4th floor, then it is sometimes possible. But if you live in a big Appartment block, unless there is a Fibre from Sony going in your block, this won't fly. In most Appartment blocks you have the last Meter (into your place) as normal copper. I do have Fiber, but I do not have a Fiber going into my place, I have my Router hooked up to the normal Telephone jack, and have 100Mbit. In my old place I had Fiber directly into my place, but that didn't change, that I only had 100Mbit there too.

There are rumors going around of having an update to 200Mbit, but I haven't heard anything in detail about this yet.

Comment: Re:THIS DID NOT HAPPEN (Score 1) 189

by gullevek (#43387877) Attached to: Leak Found In Fukushima Tank Holding Radioactive Water

Except that

- they had to restart one nuclear power plant in the south because they had not enough electricity to keep factories running
- east of japan is running every one of their old coal and their current LPG plants at maximum and imports billions yen worth of fossile fules every month

Of course Japan didn't fall back to a pre-industrial civilization, but if there is nothing done, it will no longer be a big industrial nation because it is just not economical feasable to run industry in a country where the gov has to support the electricity providers so they can buy the fuel to run the nation.

I, for one, am not happy to pay more to TEPCO ...

Comment: all the way to Debian (Score 1) 867

by gullevek (#41509719) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Distros Have You Used, In What Order?

Slackware - first steps into Linux
SUSE - because back than in Europe (Austria/Germany) it was the most popular distro
Mandrake - because my first works boss used it, also on servers
Redhat - after Mandrakes demise back to Redhat (before they went enterprise)
Gentoo - because it was all the fad, at the end a waste of time
Debian - since about 10 years now. Still the best, run it on servers when I run Gentoo on desktops, and then switched to Debian only

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