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Comment: Re:P2P=Pirate2Pirate (Score 1) 152

by gstep (#29760609) Attached to: Wi-Fi Direct Overlaps Bluetooth Territory For Connecting Devices
But why would you want to go to the work of lugging around an external drive when you could easily do the same thing wirelessly with no extra devices (assuming similar transfer rates as well)? Also, this would be nice for mobile phones as the size of the content being stored and shared is constantly growing, and bluetooth becomes more and more obsolete because of its low transfer rates.

Comment: Re:Missing Details (Score 1) 607

by gstep (#29135671) Attached to: Xbox 360 Failure Rate Is 54.2%
You don't exactly get suckered into buying a new one. They back them up to 3 years for red rings (which is what 99% of the failures are). That basically means unless you bought one of the really early ones, you're fine. That being said, if you did buy an early one, it's probably already failed so you're actually on a newer one now.

Comment: Re:cat and mouse (Score 1) 396

by gstep (#28813559) Attached to: Palm Pre iTunes Syncing Back With WebOS 1.1 Update
I know this sounds crazy, but a lot of people, including myself, like iTunes. Even though I haven't bought any music from their store whatsoever, I still use it to play and organize my music. I hate it for it's bloat and sometimes crappy performance, but overall it does what I want it to. I like that when I get some new files, I can just import them into the library, and iTunes will automatically sort my folders and tag my music. I've started using Songbird more, which reads from my iTunes library, but for importing and organizing the library, it's iTunes all the way.

Comment: IE will still dominate (Score 5, Insightful) 438

by gstep (#28811699) Attached to: Microsoft Agrees To EU Browser Ballot Screen
My guess is most people will still choose to use Internet Explorer, unless they already use Firefox/Chrome/Safari or whatever. People like what they're used to, even when it's crap. I try hard to convince people to stop using Internet Exploder but they always tell me they like it because it's what they know.

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