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Comment Re:Here's a thought... (Score 1) 170 170

When you're a kid/teen you don't know what may be an embarrassing photo or video. That's what being a kid/teen is about. The video you put online, discussing international politics with your impeccable 12 year-old wisdom, may have been the proudest day of your life. ... 10 years later and it's a cringe-fest that makes you appear to be an idiot who's a little bit racist.

You get older, you learn something of life, you realise that aged 12 you knew nothing, and you'd rather no-one was watching that video. It does not represent who you are now. What's wrong with wanting it gone?

Comment Re:The green green hills of hooooome (Score 4, Insightful) 270 270

Absolutely. Nothing better than sightseeing through a swarm of drones, relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere of buzzing electric motors, marvelling in the sight of your fellow tourists getting smashed in the head.

That's just what people go to NZ for, isn't it? It would be terrible if selfish dickheads were prevented from ruining it for everyone else.

Comment Re:Yes, you ARE stupid (Score 1) 176 176

I think you have a very naive idea about the finances of a 76 year old. The money doesn't need to have been 'spare'. That woman could have just lost every penny she has, and has no prospect of earning any more. How is she to support herself for the rest of her life? That could easily be another 20+ years.

Comment Re:enough of this BS (Score 1) 504 504

They're just ALIENS portrayed by humans, scripted by humans and watched by humans. But ZERO in common with humans. Yup. And the fact they resemble lazy, clichéd stereotypes used by Hollywood for decades is pure co-incidence.

You clearly have no idea what sci-fi is, particularly space opera, which is what Star Wars is essentially.

Comment Re:How it works in the US (Score 1) 363 363

First, because there is nothing to physically prevent pedestrians from crossing the road at any time, even when it is inadvisable to do so or when signs even directly instruct the pedestrians not to cross.

Well you could say the same for the cars, but most heed the lights for their own good.

The difference is that a green light to the pedestrian should be a sign to them that it is safe to cross. Instead it appears to be a sign to say; it's safe to cross, except if a driver hasn't seen you. Will they yield, will they not? Feeling lucky?. That's not really a definition of "safe" I'd be happy with and I'd treat that green light as worthless. For all the additional assistance and assurance it offers, I may as well cross the road at any point and time, under my own reconnaissance.

Comment Re:There's something you have to ask yourself. (Score 1) 213 213

Cable company is incompetent. Some people who use cable companies are idiots. Like all services that request an email address, they should verify the email address before using it.

By the sound of it, this is a simple case of the above. Idiot doesn't know their correct email address, Incompetent doesn't verify when given it. OP keeps fixing the situation, only for the idiotic, incompetent process to be repeated.

I get emails all the time from companies because they don't do this. Various idiots with the same, or similar, name to me sign up for something, get their email address wrong, and I end up getting either spammed with junk or fed information about their account. This wouldn't happen if the email address was sent a confirmation email before it's used.

Comment Re:ridiculous man (Score 2) 100 100

How many millions do you need? If you've got that kind of money, it's amazing just how little you'd value another $1 million. There are things that are much more finite that become more important. Like your time. Or enjoying your life. Or doing work that means something to you.

He's very lucky to be in that situation. That's why he really doesn't need the gift horse anymore, and it may need him more than he needs it.

Comment Re:The difference... (Score 1) 97 97

This looks a lot like the BBC puffing itself up, and trying to needlessly and damagingly compete with people who are already informing, educating and entertaining

You're going to have to explain how giving an educational computer device to schools for free is "puffing up" and "needlessly damaging" to anything.

Otherwise I may reach the conclusion you're an idiot grinding entirely unrelated gears.

This is the BBC doing what we pay them to do. I have my doubts about how successful it may be, but I see absolutely no problem with its intentions.

Submission + - Windows 10 shares your Wi-fi password with friends, and with their friends

gsslay writes: The Register reports that Windows 10 will include, defaulted on, "Wi-Fi Sense", a facility to share wifi passwords with friends. ( (nee Hotmail) contacts, Skype contacts and, with an opt-in, Facebook friends.)

This involves Microsoft storing the wifi passwords entered into your laptop (any password, not necessarily just your own). This can then be used by any other person suitably connected to you. If you don't want someone's Windows 10 passing on your password, Microsoft has two solutions; only share passwords using their Wi-Fi Sense service (which can't be passed on), or by adding "_optout" to your SSID. (Similar to Google's "_nomap" that went down so well.)

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