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Comment: Re:Why I refused to sign up (Score 2) 359

by gsslay (#49558605) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

This was certainly one of the reasons I didn't use Google+, or indeed 90% of Goggle's offerings. I have no interest in other people being able to track my life over multiple environments. I know that Google can follow me, that's unfortunately unavoidable, but what possible benefit is there to me that everyone else, (particularly total strangers, spammers, companies, work colleagues), can also follow me? Unless I am set on becoming some kind of internet celebratory, why would I want that?

But for most people, the main reason Google+ failed is because they already had Facebook and Google+ was just a me-too product. No reason to switch and too much hassle to operate both.

Comment: Re:The UK Government Are Massively Out Of Touch (Score 4, Insightful) 191

by gsslay (#49509733) Attached to: Assange Talk Spurs UK Judges To Boycott Legal Conference

Did you read what the statement said?

It's nothing to do with him being "an alleged criminal", it's to do with him being currently a fugitive from justice. And they aren't "simply listening to them". They are attending a conference where he is addressing them.

I can't imagine any circumstances where it's ok for a wanted person to evade capture, while at the same time being given a platform to deliver a lecture to judges.

Comment: Re:Just say "No". (Score 1) 142

by gsslay (#49493809) Attached to: Google Helps Homeless Street Vendors Get Paid By Cashless Consumers

You are making the mistake of allowing them to dictate the direction of the conversation. The reply for any and all opening questions is "No thanks". Doesn't matter what the question is, doesn't matter if your reply on the surface makes no sense. Your reply is "No thanks (I do not wish to talk with you)" I don't count being this abrupt as rudeness. When you are replying to a devious and manipulative question, or a flat out lie, it's all good.

"Can I interest you in..." (Straight to the point.)
"No thanks."

"How has your day been?" (Hi, I want you to think I'm just being friendly.)
"No thanks."

"Do you want to save money?" (Particularly devious, who's going to say no to that?)
"No thanks."

"I'm doing a survey, I'm not selling.. " (Liar)
"No thanks."

You can add a "goodbye" at the end of any of the above, to suit the situation or taste.

Comment: Rank Amateurs (Score 2) 105

by gsslay (#49484599) Attached to: The Voting Machine Anyone Can Hack

This is about as bad as software development can get, never mind software that's supposed to have basic security. It all points really to a package written by rank amateurs who had no idea what they were doing designing software, far less having the beginnings of a clue about hardening their software to attack.

I mean, hard coded passwords? Really? Hard coded passwords that are this obvious? It's staggering incompetence. Was this written by a self-taught hobbyist over the course of a weekend?

Comment: Re:still ? (Score 2) 298

by gsslay (#49437823) Attached to: Did Natural Selection Make the Dutch the Tallest People On the Planet?

If modern technology, medicine, government and religion all "somehow interfere" then they simply become part of the evolutionary process. They don't put an end to it.

Evolution just doesn't pack its suitcase and go home because it's no longer applicable. It's always applicable as long as there's life.

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