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Comment Re:I'm angry (Score 1) 151

Some of the Gov officials did test it, and I seem to recall that McCormick's excuse for any bad results was always along the lines of operator error, inadequate training and, get this, the operator had to believe the device would work, otherwise it would not work.

It was standard pseudo-science bullshit. If it doesn't work, it's not the fault of the pseudo-science, it's because of those involved giving off bad vibes.

Comment Re: I remember that bullshit dowsing rod. (Score 1) 151

So the detector could detect drugs if they were placed directly in its line of sight where they could be seen. This is not the usual place drugs are hidden.

Far better to detect the drugs' aura , which is an evil kind of muddy purple and extends through solid objects. This is done through some kind of magic that you wouldn't understand if you're not in touch with your inner spirit, wooo, woooo, wooo,

Comment Re:I was never a big Star Wars fan (Score 1) 424

I'm with you on this. Star Wars was always just cowboys in space, making it up as they went along. The fact that its creator felt compelled to keep going back to previous films to try and make it into something deeper and cohesive, and increasingly just made it more of a mess, demonstrated this.

The films are (mostly) fun, but nothing to get over excited about. I'm sure the new one will be fun too, but I'm not expecting it to turn the general train wreck of a plot around.

Comment Re:Too many self-absorbed people (Score 1) 119

Had he said that this was an attack on western civilization/values/activities/way-of-life I would agree with him.

Yeah. That kind of observation would have made for a really insightful and original quote. Thanks Bono, you've just said what absolutely everyone else has already said.

Where was he when Charlie Hebdo was attacked?

I've no idea. Maybe no-one was looking for a comment off him at the time, because, as we've already all agreed, it wasn't about him.

What is about him is that he was scheduled to have a gig in Paris directly after a similar gig had ended tragically and violently. So people wanted to know whether he intended going ahead, and what he had to say about it. So he obliged and naturally he's going to address things within a personal context that he has any qualification to speak on. Otherwise he's just repeating what hundreds have said before him.

One wonders what you'd have had to say if he'd said "Don't ask me. I couldn't possibly comment, this has nothing to do with me, or the music industry, and personally, I just can't relate to that."

Comment Re:Before a human walks on Mars... (Score 1) 285

I imagine Queen Isabella had much the same conversation with Christopher Columbus. "What are you wasting my money going all the way over the sea, when the population density of Spain is so low?" she said. "Set yourself up a little homestead in Malaga, and don't come bothering me until you've literally run out of room."

Oh wait, she didn't. Because she appreciated the value of discovery.

Comment Re:Too many self-absorbed people (Score 1) 119

Except Bono never said that music was being "targeted" or implied it was anything about him.

"This is the first direct hit on music that we've had in this so-called War on Terror or whatever it's called,"

Which can just as easily mean music is just collateral damage.

Your comment is the perfect example of someone being outraged at someone being upset based on something they didn't say. Which is exactly what one of TFAs is complaining about.

Comment Re:This is a good thing. (Score 1) 291

15 million people are free to do the more interesting, or entirely new, jobs that don't get done currently! This is no different from any change through history. For example, because we don't need an army of agricultural workers harvesting the crops, people can earn a living doing things undreamed of 150 years ago.

Undoubtedly, as with all change, there will be a period while things readjust. It's just up to us to ensure the adjustment is for the better. If we go into this fixed on the negatives, with no idea where to find the positives, then of course it's not going to go well.

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