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Comment Re:Common trend (Score 1) 667

There may be an element of this. But it's also the case that the older comedian is either at the end of career, or has made enough money, and does not care about upsetting the delicate students.

A younger comedian is less likely to wish to annoy what is a large part of their target audience, and still cares about their future career.

But a younger comedian is also more attuned to the "triggers" that will cause problems and effortlessly avoids them. An older comedian has to pay more attention to what they are saying to avoid blundering into a taboo topic that, in their day, would have passed unremarked.

Comment Re:This numbers are dishonest (Score 1) 315

Microsoft is forcing people to update, which makes these numbers meaningless.

This statement just shows you are thinking about the situation from completely the wrong angle. The numbers are not a way to win a popularity contest (and MS are cheating and should be disqualified!!1!111!1), they are a reflection of reality. Regardless of what causes people to migrate to Windows 10, the number show that they are migrating. If you are writing software or websites then these numbers means something very important.

Comment Re:I don't know how to React to this news (Score 1) 204

For god sake someone upvote this parent post.

The amount of internet whining regarding this trivial issue is ridiculous. They have Trademarked "Reacts". That has nothing at all to do with copyright laws. Yet all the self-declared internet lawyers are out bitching about the imagined copyright issues this raises.

Now whether you think they should have been allowed this trademark is another matter. But it doesn't mean they claim copyright over other people's videos.

Comment Re: Yeah, sure (Score 4, Insightful) 412

There are too big differences between wealth of western and eastern countries.

This is already a fact currently, so what difference would adding a base income make to it?

The basic income in each country means getting the bare minimum to survive in that country. So it would make no difference whether you are living in a rich or poor country; your living standard would still be basic level. People generally don't go through the upheaval of moving country just so they can live in the same basic poverty level some place new. It usually takes something like avoiding a war to force them into that.

The main attraction of a universal basic income is that it removes, at a stroke, the need for a complex benefits system, with all its costs, overheads, impenetrable rules, loopholes and exploits.

Comment Re:Brutus (Score 1) 353

Somehow the fact that people I despise hate him makes me like him more. I'm so disappointed with US Presidential politics.

Well that kind of thinking won't help improve it. It's possible to share the same opinion with people you don't like. You don't have to disagree with everything they say. It's even possible to co-operate with people you hate, if it helps achieve a shared goal. These are the marks of sensible and mature politics.

Comment Re:beat them to the punch! (Score 2) 174

It seems like that creates pressure in the direction of thought-free trivialities rather than meaningful depth of communication.

The thought-free trivialities come from the people who don't have much to say that merits more than 140 characters. The solution is not to subscribe to them and their output need not concern you. Everyone else uses twitter to convey single points of information; concisely. If you want to write/read something longer with meaningful depth then twitter isn't the medium for that, any more than a radio traffic update is the place to discuss sustainable transport policy. Go write an email, read a blog or join a forum.

Comment Re:So... (Score 2) 174

Those "headline" tweets are what I hate most on twitter and I actively avoid accounts that consist of nothing but click-bait to pull you to a website. If I wanted to read a 2 page article I would be browsing the web in a dozen better ways than reading a twitter feed. If I'm reading twitter, I want something short and to the point. I certainly do not want 10k characters, and I do not want to be forever deciding "do I open up this to read further, is it worth it, or is the meat of the comment in the first sentence?"

By forcing people to be concise twitter had something unique. This new upper limit just makes them yet another networking platform.

Comment Get yourself noticed (Score 1) 177

So the big idea is to crowd source detection, where people will volunteer to spend their time rooting out videos of a dubious nature?

This sounds like ;

A) an excellent way of getting yourself on a watch list as a consumer of videos of the kind that gets you noticed by the authorities.

B) an excellent excuse if you are a consumer of videos of the kind that gets you noticed by the authorities.

Comment Re:There is more (Score 1) 118

This has to be the stupidest theory ever. It makes no difference to the commercial interests of the industry if the music sold is old or new, as long as the profit margin in selling it is acceptable.

Old music is cheap. There are practically no production costs because it already exists. If the recording industry could sell old music until the end of time they most certainly would, and they'd do it in preference to making new music every time. If enough people want the old music, then they will stack the shelves happily for them to buy it. Deliberately removing that option in order to force them into buying new music, that the industry has a higher cost of producing, makes absolutely no economic sense.

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