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Comment On planes, too (Score 2) 123

I was on a Cathay Pacific flight a couple of years ago when the in-flight entertainment system (video on demand, music, games) got stuck. I told the attendant and he said he would reset it. The screen went blank and then showed what was clearly a Linux console boot sequence (complete with penguin logo).

Comment Re:DLP (Score 1) 95

I have the first generation 1080p DLP from Samsung (HLR series). It has its rough spots -- no 1080p input over HDMI (only VGA), 1:1 pixel setting needs to be set in Service Menu at every power up -- but it it's still working well and I can't really justify getting rid of it yet. I replaced the bulb once because it was getting dim. I replaced the color wheel after it shattered but the replacement was about $100 and the procedure wasn't too complicated.

Comment Re:Will this be any different? (Score 1) 147

I was disappointed to find out that cinnamon won't implement 2-D virtual desktop configurations either, something I started usng with swm, and through olvwm, fvwm, sawfish, and compiz+wall plugin. nd if you had to stick with one dimension, I'm finding gnome-shell's vertical layout of multiple desktops more sensible than cinnamon's horizontal layout.

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