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Comment: Why not put pressure on the vendors? (Score 2, Interesting) 479

by gsgleason (#31999062) Attached to: Corporate IT Just Won't Let IE6 Die
We are in the same state because our IT hires the cheapest vendors for any given task, and historically, they provide IE6-only web apps, like our expense management system and our Siebel ticketing system. If I even try 50% of internal web apps with a standards compliant browser, I only get a partial page or a blank page. Why not publicly humiliate the vendors who write only for IE?

Comment: Modern graphics/sound killed the gameplay (Score 1) 249

by gsgleason (#28078901) Attached to: What Made Those Old, 2D Platformers So Great?
It seems to me that as technology advances, many titles focus on looking and sounding amazing, never mind the total lack of gameplay or even fun. I know it's not a platformer, but I have more fun playing Zelda 3 for SNES than pretty much any modern game. The same goes for most of the mario titles, sonic, mega man, castlevania. Even older RPGs are still a lot of fun, like phantasy star 2+ for genesis, FF1, dragon warrior, etc. I think that nowadays so much more time is spent on the graphics and sound, something which had its limit and was fixed back in the day, more time was made available for make a game technically well made, responsive, fun to play.
Social Networks

Guatemalan Twitter User Arrested For "Inciting Panic" 76

Posted by timothy
from the rebroadcast-as-necessary dept.
talishte points out (with a snippet from BoingBoing) that "Amid protests in the streets and on social networks calling for Guatemala's president to step down after the assassination of a whistleblower attorney, Guatemalan police have arrested a Twitter user for 'inciting panic' through tweets. In the capital city today, police raided his home and confiscated his computer."
The Courts

Court Orders Breathalyzer Code Opened, Reveals Mess 707

Posted by timothy
from the take-a-sober-look-at-this dept.
Death Metal writes with an excerpt from the website of defense attorney Evan Levow: "After two years of attempting to get the computer based source code for the Alcotest 7110 MKIII-C, defense counsel in State v. Chun were successful in obtaining the code, and had it analyzed by Base One Technologies, Inc. By making itself a party to the litigation after the oral arguments in April, Draeger subjected itself to the Supreme Court's directive that Draeger ultimately provide the source code to the defendants' software analysis house, Base One. ... Draeger reviewed the code, as well, through its software house, SysTest Labs, which agreed with Base One, that the patchwork code that makes up the 7110 is not written well, nor is it written to any defined coding standard. SysTest said, 'The Alcotest NJ3.11 source code appears to have evolved over numerous transitions and versioning, which is responsible for cyclomatic complexity.'" Bruce Schneier comments on the same report and neatly summarizes the take-away lesson: "'You can't look at our code because we don't want you to' simply isn't good enough."

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