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Comment Re:Why can't anyone make a buck? (Score 1) 151 151

I'm sure the fear is that a commercial company will simply copy their work, and then go around selling it to other agencies without substantial improvement.

Stuff like this happens all the time in government contracting.

While I cannot directly speak for the powers that be, I believe this is their concern.

Submission + - Civil Servant Looking for Advice About Contributing Software

grzzld writes: I am a systems analyst for a County in New York. Last year I made a SharePoint site that manages grants and it was well received. So much so that it won a NACo award. Since then, there have been several requests from other municipalities from around the country who would like to get this SharePoint site. The county is trying to figure out how to protect ourselves from people making money from it and having people hold us liable if it they use it and something goes awry. I am afraid that ultimately nothing will be done and the site will not be shared since at the end of the day it is much easier to not do anything and just say no.

I proposed that we license it under an Open Source agreement but I am not versed enough in the differences between all of them. It is also unclear to me if I could do this since the nature of the “program” is a SharePoint site. It seemed like CodePlex would be a good place to put this since it is Microsoft centric and it an open source initiative. I just want to contribute my work to others who may find it useful. The county just wants to make sure they can’t be held liable and have somebody turn my work around and make a buck. How can I release this to the world and make sure the county’s concerns are addressed?

Thank you for any advice you could offer.

- A Civil Servant

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I had sent an email to gamespot saying that they lost a reader. Was my favorite gaming news site for years. Until i read a story about the editor got fired for stealing pens or j walking and not because he wrote an opinion, I will not read their articles. I believe this post is very on topic. --grz

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