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Comment It may well be automatic (Score 1) 299

Don't Uber riders get rated by the drivers after the trip? Presumably after a couple of very negative reviews from drivers (who collected $1700 dollar fines), Uber would automatically block these undesirable riders. Seems a more likely explanation than a conspiracy to obstruct a police action. Then again, Uber doesn't have a great moral track record.

Comment Easylist lite? (Score 1) 1

This is a step toward appeasing advertisers, but as the article says, I'd want to know what I was getting myself into. The trust issue is a real one. How about an Easylist lite filter set which focuses on obtrusive ads? That's what most adblock consumers are looking for anyway. This would be rather subjective, of course, but there is already someone deciding where the line is between ad and useful offer. And this would also encourage content providers to be more careful in the types of advertisements they allowed on their site, the same way movie producers can be careful to get their movies on the PG-13 side of the ratings line to expand the audience.

Submission + - Adblock Plus Maker Proposes Change To Help Sites ( 1

Dotnaught writes: "Wladimir Palant, maker of the Firefox extension Adblock Plus, on Monday proposed a change in his software that would allow publishers, with the consent of Adblock Plus users, to prevent their ads from being blocked. Palant suggested altering his software to recognize a specific meta tag as a signal to bring up an in-line dialog box noting the site publisher's desire to prevent ad blocking. The user would then have to choose to respect that wish or not."

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