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Comment: Re:Nuanced subject (Score 1) 247

by grocer (#42505679) Attached to: Teenager Makes Discovery About Galaxy Distribution
The problem is structural deficits, so in a sense, yes, it is like a family budget but sovereign debt is most assuredly not like the family budget. I think a better statement that nobody challenges the assumption of is "The US debt and the US deficit are the same problem: not enough revenue/too much spending." when clearly this is not the household can issue treasury notes and then hold down inflation with the Federal Reserve and have "free" money during a recession, for example.

Comment: Re:Not a problem iOS users have. (Score 3, Insightful) 111

by grocer (#41563149) Attached to: Over 60% of Android Malware Hides In Fake Versions of Popular Apps
Technically, not a problem for Android users who stay in Google's walled garden either. Now, we can debate the merits of walled gardens but the article itself is just trying to gin up business for McAfee and citing running unknown sources as evidence of some malware problem when the issue is the user, not the system, since that is off by default.

Comment: Re:As a T-Mobile customer, I'm opposed to this mer (Score 1) 86

by grocer (#41542255) Attached to: T-Mobile Merging With MetroPCS
This isn't doing anything to LTE for T-Mobile...they got the bandwidth and the cash to do it when the AT&T merger failed to get past the FCC...there was a huge poison pill in that deal that gave T-Mobile $4 Billion in cash and bandwidth to compete with AT&T...once they roll over their towers to LTE (tentatively set for 2013), GSM, 3G T-Mobile, 3G AT&T (at faster speeds that on the AT&T network itself due to the nature of HSPA+), and LTE will be supported across the entire T-Mobile network.

For a company that is setting itself to become a major non-contract GSM provider, they don't give a rip about how locked your device is or isn't...that's just silly...they already have ad materials in NY (where they're re-farmed their network to be 3G AT&T compatible) showing if you bring your own iPhone you can save something like $1,000 over a two year contract even if you buy the device new.

They want to sell you a SIM card and a plan and bring your device...T-Mobile is now looking at how they can expand their customer base having gotten a shiny, new, AT&T-compatible network from AT&T for freeeeeeeeeeee.

Comment: Re:Speaking volumes (Score 1) 55

by grocer (#36299892) Attached to: Jonathan Coulton Answers Your Questions
I thought the same thing...I then realized by that point in Hendrix's career, he had played Monterey and Woodstock and was bonafide star in his own right in the US after his success in Europe...the interesting bit in the original poster's comment is how the internet now bands together people who all the like same thing and the collaboration that can result from that passion. Had Hendrix been an amateur or hobbyist or just someone into remixing (discounting how easy modern computers have made remixing songs now), Dylan would have likely never heard that arrangement and "All Along The Watchtower" would merely be a semi-forgotten Dylan B-side.

Comment: Re:Diesel & Jeep (Score 2, Interesting) 1141

by grocer (#33140526) Attached to: My Automobile Gets __ MPG
Daimler Chrysler (at the time) offered the Jeep Liberty diesel as limited production test case to see if the market was interested in ended up selling every one and paving the way for the diesel Grand Cherokee. The Liberty was popular enough to continue but was dropped to changing emissions requirements...i.e. it met the non-CA requirements...once every state was covered by that, it was no longer legal to sell in the US. The Grand Cherokee used a Mercedes Benz sourced 3.0 CRD and basically died after the sale to Ceberus and the subsequent bankruptcy and sale to Fiat of Chrysler's, while not hugely popular, every indication from Jeep was it died due to sourcing of the engine and technology more than market factors especially since they did see fit to expand it from just being offered in the top of the line Limited to being offered across the model line.

Comment: Well, if they're AT&T android customers... (Score 2, Interesting) 490

by grocer (#33017402) Attached to: Survey Says Most iPhone Users Love AT&T
No surprise there...Android has been adopted by T-Mobile and Verizon (and Sprint) as an iPhone slayer...AT&T has imposed its firmware restrictions on its Android phones to limit options and because of the way the spectrum is cut up in the US, none of T-Mobile's 3G devices work on AT&T's network and it's not like they're are a bunch of G1s and MyTouches running on AT&Ts network...those people would be with basically, if you're asking AT&T customers about Android, odds are, they're not happy with it and didn't look at phone first and carrier second...

Comment: Everyone forgets the G1.... (Score 1) 366

by grocer (#32981112) Attached to: Nexus One a Failed Experiment In Online Sales
Or Google's first phone, which they sold in stores, thru T-Mobile, under contract, like the iPhone. The Nexus One appeared as follow up to the G1 and basically set the bar for Android 2.0 devices. Considering Google sold every unit of the Nexus One and pushed the bar further for Android devices, I think it was a success...they weren't looking to take on Apple in units sold, just in phones running their OS and the Nexus One set the standard by which Android 2.0 devices were measured.

Comment: About dogs... (Score 2, Insightful) 214

by grocer (#30850222) Attached to: Why the Uncanny Valley Doesn't Really Matter
Dogs are domesticated wolves...who live and hunt in packs. If the cat is an accepted member of the pack, it will be tolerated by the dog. This is a vast oversimplification, of course, but what it comes down to. Man has selectively bred dogs for specific tasks since domesticating we have dogs for hunting, herding, security, and companionship. Depending on which tasks the dog was bred for will determine whether it's sociable with other pets. Even then, there will be variation between individuals of the same breed and while some breeds are more cat/pet-friendly than others, each dog is still an individual and results will vary. If they dog accepts the cat or cats as part of its pack, there's no problem. If the dog doesn't have a strong prey drive, it may just ignore the cat. Either way, it has nothing to do with the Uncanny Valley.

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 0) 262

by grocer (#30490608) Attached to: Netflix Sued For Privacy Invasion
I think month would be valid...for instance, I have a January birthday so my culture experience is going to be different than somebody with a birthday later in the year simply because I would be a year ahead of them in school and presumably the things that shaped my likes and dislikes are going to be different than somebody who was born in, say, September as I would consistently have been a year ahead of them in this trend continues through the primary and secondary school years, I could see how this data point could be quite relevant.

Comment: Re:speaking of which - beta? (Score 1) 570

by grocer (#29829283) Attached to: Some Users Say Win7 Wants To Remove iTunes, Google Toolbar
The Beta quit in June, I believe, however, the RC is good until March, I think...I should check since I have the RC on one of my partitions but I think that's becoming FreeBSD what do I care...honestly, played with 7, decided it was a worthwhile upgrade over XP, and then went back to XP since all my stuff's there.

Comment: I have a theory.... (Score 1) 745

by grocer (#29181991) Attached to: Why the Google Android Phone Isn't Taking Off
mostly Google's complete lack of support for Exchange...I would have considered a G1 if it would have played nice with Exchange like the iPhone or Blackberry or Windows Mobile. I have T-Mobile (for the past 6 years) and deemed the G1 unacceptable from an enterprise standpoint, not for its apps or openness. It just wouldn't work like I needed it to with Exchange. Doing IT for a small business, it came down to what can I support as a standard across pretty much every carrier...and guess what, it's a Blackberry or Win Mobile phone.

Comment: Re:Which Honda Insight Are We Talking About? (Score 1) 687

by grocer (#29108207) Attached to: World's Only Diesel-Electric Honda Insight
This is particularly salient since the original Insight was a "mild" hybrid that used the electric motor for assist, regenerative braking, and to start/stop the couldn't move under electric power alone, unlike the Prius at the wasn't until the 2006 Civic Hybrid a Honda hybrid could move under electric power (with the motor freewheeling and the valves open).

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