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Comment Re:Goodbye Windows (Score 1) 313

People here really need to remember that the vast majority of computer users don't really know or care care whether they're running Microsoft Windows or Microsoft XBox 360 as long as it does what they want.

Your right. I've installed Linuxmint on many family and friends computers over the last few years because I convinced them it would do what they want. Browse the web. Listen to music. View photos. Send email.
Part of the deal was a higher level of (free!) support from me with the Linux install. Windows installs only come with save documents and reinstall support (still free !).
Often I've setup dual boots for the unconvinced or gamers but encouraged them to give Linux a good go. In almost all cases Linux has become the preferred OS and I been asked to delete the windows partition to free up drive space. Apart from games most windows software works under wine, games are far more hardware dependant for success.
I've been using Linux personally since about 1996-97 (I remember that kde was first released soon after my first install) and it used to require some effort. Now it just works most off the time.

Comment Re:Slackware on floppies (Score 1) 867

Desktop: Redhat-> Suse-> Linux from Scratch-> Gentoo-> Kubuntu -> Linux Mint (kde).

Server: Debian >Centos & KVM hypervisor with Ubuntu or Debian images.

Linux from scratch used to be good for learning how Linux works. I have not checked it out for a long time so I don't know if this still holds.

Comment Re:As soon as you have anything to take (Score 1) 293

In the UK any small ltd company is going to have to provide director guarantees to get loans from a bank. If the business goes under they will come for your house etc. This does not, as far as I am aware, happen in big corporations. Wheres the cutoff. Don't know but I'm not near it.

Comment Not just in the wilderness (Score 1) 599

Girl of four died in sat-nav error crash in Blackrod

Too many people blindly follow these things. There's a ford a few miles from me that is impassable for much of the year if not in a Land Rover etc. After heavy rain only a big tractor could make it.
Yet every year the fire service pulls out 6 - 10 cars whose drivers followed their Sat Navs instructions to pass through it. There is a easily visible water depth gauge.

Comment Re:No one likes $30 / disk (Score 1) 1276

I didn't make a point.

I asked two questions. One of which you've answered.

To expand on my first question. Why would you want a copy of your entire collection, on both DVD and Blue-Ray ?

I could understand why some people wanted to update vinyl to CD as you can't play vinyl on a CD player. Or even VHS to DVD. But DVD's will work fine in your new player. Money must hold some value to you as you baulk at the high price asked of you.
Do you really need every movie again ? Maybe just your favourites and / or the ones which would truly benefit from the higher quality.

Your choice of course, I just asked two questions.


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