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Comment Re:Lack of competition (Score 2) 122

The only difference between the low end and high end chips is the number of flaws in the core coming off the die. It's impossible to get a consistent yield on a wafer. Minor electrical variances, impurities in the materials, flaws in the machines that do the manufacturing, etc. The chip maker has to test each and every chip that is produced to sort them into a wide variety of performance bins. The ones that have the fewest flaws and can run the fastest get put in the most expensive bins. The ones with flaws in the cache and inoperative cores get dumped in the cheap bin. And everything in between.

So really, they only have to test one design to root the bugs out. And the test applies to all of the grades of chips coming off the line.

Even so, it's impossible to fully test the chip before it goes to market. So they have to decide to test it to a "good enough that we can patch it in BIOS or software patches" level.

Comment Re:Not the effect they intended (Score 1) 197

It was written clearly and directly in plain English.

Do you really mean to suggest that talking bad on the internet is equivalent to lynching? Or even in the same ballpark?

I know you'll probably dance around the question with your strawman arguments but I really would like an honest answer.

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