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Comment: Yeah but how long does it take to shut down (Score 1) 437

by grimmin-it (#29561287) Attached to: New Phoenix BIOS Starts Windows 7 Boot in 1 Second
My vista machine takes longer to shut down than to boot up, and as a desktop it is on 90% of the time. Probably 99% of the time I need to reboot my computer so I care more about shutting down than booting up. It takes up to like 7 mins for my Vista to shut down and like 2 or 3 to boot.

Comment: The iPhone will never compare to a console (Score 1) 281

by grimmin-it (#29561221) Attached to: Console Makers Worry Over Growing Competition From Apple
The iPhone just can't compete with a full fledged console, yes it may steal some game boy and PSP users but that isn't what keeps the industry rolling. It's full fledged hardcore gaming, plain and simple. The only people that will care will be Sony and Nintendo, and Nintendo is really focused on a younger audience and most likely kids will want to stick with their game boy. The iPhone/iPod Touch not not really effect the gaming industry.

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