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Comment: Re:No (Score 1) 220

by grimdawg (#35067648) Attached to: Are Gamers Safer Drivers?

Repeat after me: 'Correlation does not imply causation' does not imply 'correlation is not useful'.

Moreover you've spent the rest of your post making an entirely different point! Namely, that the correlation might not exist. Which, I'll add, he conceded before you even attacked him!

Comment: Re:Hipsters (Score 2) 320

by grimdawg (#35063984) Attached to: Geek Culture Will Never Die...or Be Popular

Geek culture is driven by geeks. Now on the IQ scale 100 is average and geek culture tends to 120 plus, that alone ensures an obvious lack of popularity.

As for ego, let's be honest having to put up with all the jock straps and cheer leaders at high school and the various other sub 110 crowds, has worn down the humour of geeks when it comes dealing with them.

I think your first sentence tells me more about the `ego' thing than any other could.

Comment: Not that great of a car analogy... (Score 4, Informative) 129

by grimdawg (#34385660) Attached to: Aussie Gov't Decides ISPs Aren't Responsible For Infected Computers

It would be more like the government requiring car manufacturers to do something about car theft, since an 'infected computer' is essentially out of the user's control. And yes, the Australian government DOES require all cars to have an immobiliser.

Comment: Re:It's Simple But Where's the "Advertising" tag? (Score 1) 108

by grimdawg (#34155116) Attached to: Lamebook Sues Facebook Over Trademark Infringement

I suspect they feel it's most definitely 'gone viral'. You might not have heard of it, but Lamebook is definitely a popular website with a lot of fans.

They are not after Slashdot's traffic, they are trying to protect themselves from Facebook's hefty law department.

Comment: Re:What World Does He Live On? (Score 1) 1153

by grimdawg (#34085384) Attached to: How Much Math Do We Really Need?

This is not the point. The point is not to fill your mind with memoties of trig identities. It's to prepare you for memorisation and to teach you to remember.That would be like saying "Miss! I wrote this short story and I don't get why I did it! I'll never need to write THIS SHORT STORY ever again! What a waste of my schooling!". Sometimes you gotta do useless stuff to learn skills. A footballer doesn't need to dribble the ball around traffic cones anytime in his life except for at training.

You even say 'we need to know how to think mathematically'. A part of that is using your memory to good effect, both in having a large bank of memorised knowledge and in knowing what you need to memorise and what you can do without.

Comment: Re:Revenue Collection (Score 1) 297

by grimdawg (#33870442) Attached to: French City To Use CCTV For Parking Fines

I'll start worrying about the slippery slope once someone is actually being persecuted who isn't guilty.

The fact is, nobody gets fined who doesn't break the law, and while the Police may get money from the red light cameras and the speed cameras, nobody loses who doesn't break the rules. There are no losers here except criminals.

This isn't like (to go down a slashdot rabbit hole, perhaps) Sony removing Other OS from the PS3 to prevent piracy while stepping on your freedoms. The only freedom being taken by a red light camera is your freedom to run red lights. If you have a problem with this then Id ask you to explain to me who the loser is.

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.