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Comment Re:Denial (Score 1) 228

However, Dvorak also comes in one-handed versions. While regular dvorak might not be any faster than QWERTY, I wouldn't be surprised of the one-hand version (which exist for both the left and right hand) would be significantly faster for most typing tasks than using a single hand on QWERTY... Does anyone know any research about that?

It's designed to have the most used letters handy. It's very useful for jerking off while coding. You can grab one at Thinkgeek, although they are not cheap. They used to come with a free monkeyspanker!

Comment Re:Denial (Score 1) 228

Every time someone says "Dvorak is better for your hands" or "QWERTY was designed to be slow" really needs to do some basic research and stop spouting out everything they hear. Dvorak has never been objectively proven to be faster or more comfortable. The only studies to support this claim were of questionable integrity. I will gladly accept this claim if it can be objectively demonstrated, but until then, stop saying it please.

I'm a Dvorak typist. Dvorak feels way more comfortable to me, regardless of what the studies say or fail to say. If you want a second opinion I'd add It's also geeky. If you want a third opinion I would also say it's sexy. (for certain definitions of sexy) I used to think that Qwerty was ok. Now that I'm used to Dvorak whenever I have to switch to Qwerty I feel the keys are scattered all over the place. It's not that I don't know where they are (I can still type Qwerty), it's that they're always fucking far away! With Dvorak the keys I press the most are on the baseline or near the center... I'm spoiled now, I hate typing in Qwerty. -- I'm so convinced I'm right I won't even bother adding "Period." at the end

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