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Comment Re:Why not just lock down the radio portion? (Score 1) 144

I haven't looked into wi-fi protocols: is is possible for an unmodified laptop/mobile to listen on an illegal channel and respond on that illegal channel?
Is is possible for an unmodified laptop/mobile to listen on an illegal channel and respond on a legal channel?
If the answer to both of those questions is "no" I don't see the need to lock down anything. It is one thing to accidentally operate outside of FCC regulations by using an "international" custom firmware on your router - it is another thing entirely if you have to purposely modify the firmware on your laptop or mobile to make those illegal channels usable.

Comment Re:Ow my reading comprehension (Score 1) 242

If the act of operating outside of normal bands is already illegal than how does making a law with more restrictions to an already illegal act provide any extra law enforcement ability?
Has there been a case where someone doing something illegal got off the hook for violating FCC limits because they were using a custom firmware solution and claimed ignorance?
Is this new law going to help reduce Wi-Fi congestion by a large enough magnitude that it justifies the restrictions of everyone in the market?

Comment Re:"Without attracting attention" (Score 1) 83

Bank systems shouldn't trust ATMs - everything the ATM does should be verified by the bank system before any transactions occur. I don't see why the ATM should be anything but a dumb terminal with little to no intelligence which simply sets up an encrypted session with the bank servers. Is there a reason things are not done this way?

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