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Comment: Re:Anything like Flashblock for HTML5? (Score 1) 225 225

Flashblock does not allow the video to load or start downloading content. I also use Flashblock and having a bookmark-able list of tabs is universal across all websites whereas watch-lists are generally incompatible between different websites, if they are supported in the first place.

Comment: Re:"Without attracting attention" (Score 1) 83 83

Bank systems shouldn't trust ATMs - everything the ATM does should be verified by the bank system before any transactions occur. I don't see why the ATM should be anything but a dumb terminal with little to no intelligence which simply sets up an encrypted session with the bank servers. Is there a reason things are not done this way?

+ - New Jersey May Shield Drivers From Other States' Red Light, Speed Cameras->

schwit1 writes: New Jersey may soon prohibit other states from issuing traffic citations to its residents for alleged violations caught on speed or red-light cameras.

Lawmakers in the Garden State have introduced a bill that would stop New Jersey's Motor Vehicles Commission from providing license-plate numbers or other identifying information to another state or an interstate information network for the purpose of doling out a fine.

"I've been getting loads of complaints from people," state senator Nick Sacco told The Star-Ledger , the state's largest newspaper. "They drive to Virginia to visit relatives. They go through Maryland. They come back home and start receiving tickets in the mail. And they swear that they're not speeding; that they're keeping up with the traffic."

The whole process stinks from a lack of due process. You are guilty until you can prove your innocence and your state will suspend your license without a hearing if you fail to pay out of state traffic fines.

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Comment: Re: Great step! (Score 1) 148 148

My cert was about to expire anyway so I just used the CSR process and got a new cert. According to the FAQ I -think- you can't request a new cert for your domain within 30 days of your last request because that is how long your domain name validation is valid: otherwise you can create new certs just like how you would process an annual renewal. However, I have not actually tried to generate certs within 30 days of each other so I could be wrong.

Comment: Re:"assemble" or "reassmeble" (Score 3, Informative) 391 391

It is like the Ship of Theseus:
I am in the same boat so to speak. I built a custom computer a few years ago and have upgraded component by component and saved all my old parts. Eventually I replaced everything including the case, power supply hard drives, and recently I got a new CPU and motherboard. Then I took all my old parts and reinstalled them in the original case and duplicated the exact same setup I had 3 years ago before the upgrades.

Comment: Re:Show me the money! (Score 3, Insightful) 441 441

That is an odd definition of payback. The raw material cost of creating something is irrelevant since you cannot buy anything at cost: there are always value-add processes and profit margins to consider.
That said, the GP is right, unless these wind turbines in the study have noticeable improvements compared to other turbines I would expect there to be similar installations around the country that are making profits/savings for their investors. There should either be news about those gains or news about how the investors who previously built wind turbines are investing even greater sums of money due to their success.

Comment: Re:Why so much stupid shit, Mozilla? (Score 1) 89 89

Maybe I am an anomaly but I have not had the issues you describe. Thunderbird doesn't randomly crash for me much less hardlock my computer. My extensions don't break, not that I have many installed. Searching works great for me; I have 8 email accounts set up, most which go back nearly a decade and I can easily search for what I need without much of a delay (I have a SSD).

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