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Comment: Re:Comparing total memory usage is stupid (Score 1) 258

by griego (#36196270) Attached to: Preliminary Benchmarks: Unity vs. Gnome-Shell
If all you're running is one application, then you don't need a desktop. If you're multitasking, then of course you want your desktop to be fast, it should be up there in priority at all times. So caching stuff for the desktop is a good idea. Besides, it takes way longer to load stuff from the hard drive than to free some memory so an application can allocate some for its own use.

Startup Claims Google Copied Web-Annotation Product 167

Posted by timothy
from the evil-or-coincidence dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Web annotation startup ReframeIt claim Google copied their web annotation product when releasing Google Sidewiki. At first glance, the products do look quite similar, and this eWeek article has some interesting evidence, including suspicious user registrations by Google employees and an attempt by Google to hire off ReframeIt's lead engineer."

Comment: Re:Imagination. (Score 2, Informative) 240

by griego (#27843705) Attached to: A History of <em>Rogue</em>
In Final Fantasy XI, the weather (and day of the week, which are all named after elements) does affect spell resist rates, as well as crafting success rates. Thunder-based spells cast during lightning storms will more often land for full damage; crafting an item using a Fire Crystal on Watersday (and/or during rainy weather) will more likely result in critical failure, causing you to lose some or all of your ingredients.

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