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Comment: Thanks (Score 1) 1521 1521

This post will likely never be read, buried under the weight of hundreds of other posts, most of them very similar in nature to my own. I was a late comer to Slashdot, picking up reading after I graduated from college and got my first corporate job. This job was a joke and I stayed there for far too long; the reason I did so was because it afforded plenty of free time to browse the web and, in turn, discover Slashdot. While not every story posted was a piece of gold, the community of nerds, geeks, and other tech people kept me engaged in reading the comments, trolls and insights alike. Slashdot will always be a daily visit for me and while Rob Malda won't be an editor in chief any longer, I hope that the letter and spirit of the site he created and raised, like his very own child, will continue to grow and evolve. Stagnation is the worst the could happen with any web site, tech related or not; hopefully this is the beginning of a new era for Slashdot, and I'm both excited and saddened to experience it. Best of luck to you, Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda.

Comment: Re:Sounds like... (Score 0) 232 232

That's modern parenting for you... plop your kid in front of the TV (in their bed room, of course), or Wii, or iPad, or whatever other gadget, and get them out of your hair for a couple hours after work until they pass out, exhausted, from extensive video screen stimulation.

Comment: Cumbersome (Score 1) 1 1

Those multi-gestures look far too cumbersome on such a tiny screen. I wouldn't use them unless the gestures ended up taking less fingers to utilize. The small size of the iPhone makes it a good one-handed device, and these gestures effectively turn it into a two-hand device. They are much better suited for the larger screen size of the iPad, that's for sure.

+ - Multitouch gestures won’t work on iPhone 4-> 1 1

TechieAlizay writes: Earlier in the day, we shared with you a possibility of Apple blessing iPhone 4 with multi-touch gestures. In that post, we had our reservations about the multi-tasking gestures not being a good idea for iPhone’s not so large touch screen. And now thanks to Engadget, we have the video evidence that confirms our fear. See the video after the jump.

A guy by the name Antoni Nygaard who is the publisher of this video, installed iOS 4.3 Beta 1 on his iPhone 4 to test out the gestures meant to be introduced with iPad. Looking at the video, I don’t think I would like to use multi-touch gestures on my iPhone. What about you?

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