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Comment: Re:Cue the young earth creationists (Score 0) 267

by greycortex (#41204243) Attached to: Radioactive Decay Apparently Influenced By the Sun
This talk is foolishness. There's plenty of difference between them and me. Can you cite any data that creationists give that does not come from a book that they wrote? I have not ignored millions of years of geological record and, well, proper research to come to my conclusions as they've done.

Comment: Tech support and then management (Score 1) 504

I believe that people with a background in psychology or psychotherapy would be a good fit for technical support positions. Most of that job involves talking to people and calming them down to help address their actual problems. In technical support, you can potentially get experience for other jobs, or climb through the mentor-ship positions into management. Managers could also benefit from having a psychology background.

Comment: Re:Issue for me is pattern recognition. (Score 1) 204

by greycortex (#39229161) Attached to: Computer Programmers Only the 5th Most Sleep Deprived Profession
I use alcohol, at home alone. I can't drink too much though, because the drinks I make require a fairly high level of sobriety and concentration. If I use raw spirits, they are expensive enough for me to make sure and use small amounts. Having a highly discriminating palate (for booze) acts as a great limiter. Conversely, if I'm in a social situation at an excellent bar and someone else is buying, I have to be more careful. Let me tell you, just a small drink, and then I care somewhat less about lurking race conditions.

Comment: Re:I don't care, he's still a d-bag. (Score 1) 287

by greycortex (#37711130) Attached to: Woz Is First In Line For iPhone 4S
Oh, he wasn't doing it for the attention, he really wanted the chair that she happened to be sitting in. He made some noise about getting a seat for his wife, who just had foot surgery, so she gladly gave the seat the first time. She moved across the hall to someplace else, but he came by and tried to get that one. The oddest bit was that, despite the energy wasted playing musical chairs, he didn't even stay twenty minutes into the talk.

Comment: Well, it works for him... (Score 2, Interesting) 827

by greycortex (#33306940) Attached to: Calling Shenanigans On Super SATA's Claimed Audio Qualities
Maybe this cable actually does work better for him. The problem is that he accepted the situation as-is, and stopped there. If it were me, I'd be really suspicious and start looking for interference from components within the NAS. Also, what was his source material? John Cage's 4'33"? Is he really an audiophile? I thought those guys posted pages and pages of signal analysis and comparisons on their blogs.

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