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Comment: Re:Weren't they just denouncing the internet? (Score 1) 375 375

by greetings programs (#35734860) Attached to: The Vatican Lauds Hackers
you didn't read that FA did you? What was said in that article was in the context of a conference about satanism, and what they said that is that satanism was being promoted via the internet and that this promotion is causing an increase of satanists. What is wrong about that assertion? Since then, morons of all colors have miscontrued what was said to make it look as if the church is spooked by the internet. Nothing is farther for the truth, the Catholic Church has long ago embraced the internet for its own purposes, and in this case notes that their enemies (sataninst are direct enemies of the church) are doing the same. .

Comment: Re:Samsung (Score 1) 557 557

by greetings programs (#29607413) Attached to: Choosing a Personal Printer For the Long Haul
I Have an HP P1005 and it's a royal piece of shit, the cartridges are just for 1500 pages and I haven't figured out how to print on it from linux (its a winprinter). I use just because I got it as a present, but I'd happily trade it for any PCL model with a bigger toner cartridge.

Comment: Reply from a Mexican (Score 2, Informative) 276 276

by greetings programs (#29351565) Attached to: Copyright Troubles For Sony
Although the information is correct, the poster resoning is very silly. I am from Guadalajara, and I happen to know the guys on Alejandro Fernandez' Law Firm. I assure you almost nobody here has ever heard from Jammie Thomas or Joel Tenenbaum, or care about it, and our law system for better or for worse is completely different from the US law system. The law is more based on the written law. It is very rare that a case creates precedent, and of course to a case from the US. As much as I would love Sony Music get slapped with a big fine, you can expect they will only be slapped in the wrist and I almost sure that the lawswit aims more to prevent the distribution of the album and songs and scare some shit out of the stupid Sony execs. Besides, Alejandro Fernandez is well known for being a very spoiled brat, so take his words with a big grain of salt. His lawyer is also very aggresive, so we can expect some media frenzy about this. But not much more.

Comment: Drivers compiled on Kernel (Score 3, Informative) 907 907

by greetings programs (#29190109) Attached to: Why Is Linux Notebook Battery Life Still Poor?
I have found that if your kernel wasn't compiled with the correct CPU drivers, the CPU might not be speed stepping. If you are using gnome you can use the gnome CPU applet to see the actual CPU speed. In my case, (HP DV1000, Pentium M 1.73 CPU) with ubuntu Hardy, the CPU steps fine, but having the "correct" CPU voltage and speed values hard coded on the OS kernel prevents me from underclocking and undervolting the laptop under linux (without compiling a custom kernel), which is easily done in windows with software such as Rightmark Clock Utility. So my battery lasts 1:30 hours with Ubuntu and almost 3 hours on XP. Guess which I use the most for school even though I strongly prefer FOSS?

Comment: It's not MySQL Stupid! (Score 1) 152 152

by greetings programs (#28725507) Attached to: 62% of Sun's Stockholders Vote For Oracle Deal
I don't think MySQL is in danger, it is relatively easy to fork and has an extensive installed base. What I think will suffer more is OpenOffice and OpenSolaris. Sun is the primary sponsor of the OpenOffice project. I really don't think Oracle has any incentive to invest on it even if its just to piss MS a little. I think that in order to survive, OpenOffice(.org) will need to adopt an strategy similar to that of the Mozilla foundation and get some big sponsors like i.e. IBM. OpenSolaris would be missed by only a few, and some important technologies like dtrace and zfs can't be integrated easily on the linux kernel because of the CDDL. I think Open Solaris has failed to take off as Sun has intended and will be indeed killed because of that. I don't think a fork would be feasible or succesful because of the lack of interest from the general community. I hope that at least they release the code in a GPL friendly license so it can be assimilated onto Linux

Comment: Re:Market share (Score 1) 481 481

by greetings programs (#28697947) Attached to: YouTube Phasing Out Support For IE6
I couldn't agree more. It really sucks that MS negates win 2000 of some very necessary stuff without any regard for the customer. I was still using w2k six months ago. It was blissfully fast and gimmick free. I had to update to XP because many newer apps require some MS components that won't install on 2k. Most of them won't install just because the installer checks for 2k and denies what would be otherwise posible. It's one thing to let it die a natural death and it's another to artificially kill it because you want to force users to upgrade. IE7 was the first of this trend followed by WMP10, then MSN messenger. So far, so good, i didn't really use any of these and all have better alternatives. What really broke it for me was .NET framework 3.5 because it was a requirement for the version of AutoCAD I was upgrading to. The installer refuses to run un 2k just because. Good thing is XP on current hardware is almost as fast as W2k was, but nowhere as stable for me. XP SP3 has brought for me a lot of BSODs and general instability and frailness, specially with NTFS. Back in the day it was a really lame duck.

Comment: Re:Don't be stupid (Score 2, Insightful) 1186 1186

by greetings programs (#28007501) Attached to: US To Require That New Cars Get 42 MPG By 2016
I am not taking about small crossover suvs, but the real ones, the ones with a truck underneath, say a Tahoe, Escalade or Durango. One of these can crush my normal sized car in a pinch. They make the road unsafe for me and others, and most of them don't have a real reason to exist save for the big egos of their drivers. They also consume stupid amounts of gas needlessly. Most of the people driving these behemots do it because the perceived 'safety' the give to them. Too bad the things are too prone to rollovers. Also, I am not supporting anybody's agenda, least of all the liberal agenda. I just expressed my opinion that driving cars so big is a stupid waste of resources and unsafe to everyone.

Comment: Re:Smaller cars (Score 1) 1186 1186

by greetings programs (#28007141) Attached to: US To Require That New Cars Get 42 MPG By 2016
by following your same logic, cars have been growing bigger and bigger for the last 20 years, there has to be an end for this nonsensical waste of productive resources, even if americans like SUVs so much. They make the roads a very dangerous place for everyone else and not much better for themselves, all because of marketing and hyperinflated egos. Smaller cars as a whole are better for everyone.

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