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Comment: I love how stupid these morons are... (Score -1) 221

by greenwow (#48190519) Attached to: Help ESR Stamp Out CVS and SVN In Our Lifetime

that hate SVN, but they aren't smart enough to give one damn reason for their irrational hate. They're just like Republicans. I once listened to Linus rant for almost thirty minutes about his hatred of SVN without stating a single fact as to why his fears it. That makes him irrational and ignorant just like ESR. I used to think ESR was smart until I had dinner with him near the NC Biotech Center in 1998. Then he showed he was one of those racists that wants tools to use to kill minorities. That is the way of his kind. He admits, which is shocking for a tech person, that he supports the NRA and their racism. Of course racists hate SVN.

Comment: Re:I wish I could read (Score -1) 77

by greenwow (#48188013) Attached to: Barometers In iPhones Mean More Crowdsourcing In Weather Forecasts

Wow, that's a really dirty Apple trick. They show again just how much they hate us and how they want us to die. Of course that is the way of CONservatives of their kind.

I get hating science and smart people, but shitting on HeathKit like that is just going to far. That was a great company. Why attack them like this?

Comment: Re:Prison population (Score -1) 407

by greenwow (#48170291) Attached to: As Prison Population Sinks, Jails Are a Steal

One big other factor is that we finally stopped the Republicans from dumping lead into gas. McCain said last we he wants to add it back. I guess their kind doesn't sell enough guns with the reduced number of mentally ill from leaded gas that has happened the past thirty years. They want to go back to the times where we gave babies lead poisoning.

Comment: Re:So I take it (Score -1) 246

by greenwow (#48151917) Attached to: Facebook and Apple Now Pay For Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs

All the disabled people I know decided on purpose to join a group that murders people because of their race. That is why smart people hate their kind. I graduated high school in 1971 so most of my friends that are now disabled are disabled because they wanted to kill Asians. They volunteered to be a thug in green killer. That is the way of their kind. They hate anyone that isn't white, and they paid for that hate with a disability. The three guys I work with now that have disabilities are disabled because they wanted to murder people in the ME. They volunteered to kill people for Bush Jr. They are horrible people. They deserve what they got. I have no sympathy for the vast majority of disabled people I know. They were disabled because of their hate.

Comment: As long as it pisses off Republicans... (Score -1) 236

by greenwow (#48144355) Attached to: Can the Sun Realistically Power Datacenters?

it is worth doing even though it costs much more than it saves. That is why I'm always so happy to see solar here in Seattle. It will never pay itself off, for example my house will take nearly 200 years to pay off what I spent but I know for a fact the equipment will not last that long, but it made my CONservative neighbors angry so it was worth every penny. Solar spits in their eyes. It shows we're willing to waste money to spit in their eye. It is glorious.

Comment: This is the future... (Score -1, Troll) 480

by greenwow (#48096787) Attached to: Texas Ebola Patient Dies

Republicans want for all of us. That is why they are flooding the streets with people from the infected areas. Do you really think this guy afforded his own expensive airplane ticket, or do you think one of those Republicans forced him at gun point to board the plane? We all know what happened. This is the way of their kind. Just as they forced Obama to send Ebola patients to the CDC in Atlanta, they are now forcing individuals to come to the US. Yesterday the local paper her in Seattle talked about how we here are being forced to accept those Republican Ebola patients. They are endangering everyone here. They hate us.

Comment: Sounds like the future... (Score -1) 742

by greenwow (#48084689) Attached to: Complain About Comcast, Get Fired From Your Job

Republicans want for all of us. According to them we don't have the right to fight against these corporations that have government-granted monopolies. They want us to die, and having these corporations do it for them makes thing easier for their kind. Hopefully this guy and his family don't starve to death because of this Republican corporation's actions.