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Comment: Re: Of course it's South Carolina... (Score -1) 107

by greenwow (#48896037) Attached to: Bomb Threats Via Twitter Partly Shut Down Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport

Exactly. I got stuck in that state once when the Greyhound bus I was on broke down. The white people were allowed to stay at a motel while the minorities were forced to sleep on the bus. The people there hate us and want us to die. I bet the Twitter threat was done just because the white guy that did it knew that some South Carolinian asshole would be the one dispatched to murder the passengers. That is the way things work there.

Comment: Re:Not a fan (Score -1) 289

by greenwow (#48893947) Attached to: Government Recommends Cars With Smarter Brakes

> front wheel drive...the anti-roll bar lifts the left rear wheel off the ground

I lost two friends in separate crashes in a Honda S2000. Yes, it is normal for the inside rear tire to lift off of the ground, but the problem is that Honda decided to create a rear-wheel drive car. Despite having no experience with making good cars, they still decided against hiring competent people that had experience with designing suspensions for rear-wheel drive cars. They produced a death trap. Since they were too cheap to put in a limited-slip differential, the rear inside tire is given 100% of the torque when it lifts from the ground. When it returns to the ground, the force tries to push the car straight. Lifting the rear wheel, as you noted, is completely normal. It was their incompetence designing the rest of the car that kills.

I worked IT for a chain of car dealers that included a couple of Honda dealers. One of my coworkers had done hundreds of test drives in Vipers in our Dodge dealership because he was a former NASCAR driver so he was our go to guy to sell that model. He died in his second test drive in an S2000. The passenger's description and the small amount of rubber left on the inside curve just before the car veered toward the outside of the curve proves Honda's incompetence killed him.

Comment: Re:IOW - Verizon throwing a tantrum... (Score -1) 191

by greenwow (#48888661) Attached to: Verizon About To End Construction of Its Fiber Network

> see an explosion of Google Fiber,

Explosion is relative. They're talking about having 2% of the market within thirty years. For those of us here in the US living in major cities and suffering with dial-up, it doesn't feel like an explosion. It's going to take decades to get megabit or faster Internet access available to all of us. I have 576 kbps here in Seattle, but I'm lucky considering that is faster than anyone else I know has.

Comment: Re:Insurance is Legalized Gambling (Score 1) 237

by greenwow (#48858517) Attached to: Google Thinks the Insurance Industry May Be Ripe For Disruption

Even if you lose, it's still very hard to get paid for a claim. My neighbors had a tree fall on their house almost four years ago. Between water damage and a small fire, the house was totaled. They still haven't collected a penny, and are now having to hire a lawyer to file a suite before the statute of limitations. Personally, I was rear-ended by a car while on my scooter stopped at a red light in March 2011. USAA offered me ten cents on the dollar for the over $24,000 claim ($19k of that was the ER visit with three MRIs). I have to have a suite filed before March, or I lose the right to collect in this state. This state is ruled by Republicans so the laws are very slanted against the people. All corporations have to do is stall for a while, like USAA is doing, then the state lets them get away without paying the claim.

Of course we no longer have the right to drive a car without insurance, have a mortgage on a house without insurance, or even breath without health insurance. The Republicans are killing us with insurance premiums.

Comment: Re:Needed! (Score -1) 100

by greenwow (#48854109) Attached to: Google Pondering $1 Billion Investment In SpaceX's Satellite Internet

Good luck with that. The Republicans that rule this city will just find a new way to kill it like they’ve killed every other one before. From:


”director’s rule” which makes it nearly impossible for internet providers to expand existing services without an unusually high super majority of support from neighbors.

And, that admission is from someone that is very anti-tech! With the low occupancy rate because of foreclosures and rent increases, very few blocks of the city have a high enough occupancy rate to meet the requirements even if every single resident affirmatively agrees to allowing Internet access. A resident that doesn’t affirmatively vote yes is considered to be a vote against. In the building where I live, Comcast wasn’t allowed to offer service because a single home owner diagonally across the street voted no because he didn’t want Comcast to be allowed to put a pedestal in the neighborhood. Yes, they’re ugly, but they’re the price way pay for cable TV and Internet.

Comment: Re:Time to abandon normal phones? (Score -1) 217

I share an apartment with one of the Skype program managers. Microsoft doesn't give a damn that they're being mostly used by scammers. Just look at how long it took them to lock down Exchange from being used as a spam relay. The older generation there wasn't into the Internet so they didn't care. The new guys, as you pointed out, are mostly from the third world so they don't care either. They need a massive culture change. That isn't going to happen since they're run by the former head of Symmantec.

Comment: Line of sight? (Score 0) 123

Will it have the same line of site limitations as current satellite Internet? I'm in Seattle, and with providers like HughsNet you need a very good line of sight to the south to get service. IIRC, where I used to work we had the dish pointed only 24 degrees above the horizon. That really limits the locations here in Seattle that have access to satellite Internet. This area desperately needs more options for Internet since Comcast doesn't offer service to much of the city, and Comcast DSL is so slow or doesn't work at all for much of downtown. CondoInternet is making a great effort at offering fast service in a few expensive residential buildings, but that doesn't help the huge problem for the rest of us.

Comment: Re:Wasn't there an attempt on this in the 2000s? (Score -1) 123

> Our long term plan is to move

Which is just sad. I know of at least four companies that moved out of Seattle because they couldn't get a decent Internet connection, including my last employer. The state PUC doesn't force CenturyLink to provide faster than dial-up lines everywhere, and the city doesn't force Comcast to provide to their entire monopoly area. Cable isn't available where I work or where I live.

Comment: Re:Conflating Issues (Score -1) 480

by greenwow (#48795075) Attached to: How Bitcoin Could Be Key To Online Voting

Bullshit. All you have to do is drop the ballot in the mail. If you have permission from the government to drive then you are almost always registered to vote because the federal government requires the state as an unfunded mandate to also register you to vote. Just take the ballot, fill-out the bubbles, and put it in the mail. The USPS will even then illegally deliver it without a stamp.

Of course that doesn't fix the problem that the Republicans throw away votes that they don't agree with. Here in Seattle, my vote hasn't been counted in over eight years. The Republicans rule here with an iron fist.

Comment: Re:Free? (Score -1) 703

by greenwow (#48771529) Attached to: Obama Proposes 2 Years of Free Community College

> does''t knock off more than a semester

That is a lie. Why would you pick classes that wouldn't transfer? Only a moron would decide to take four semesters of classes that doesn't transfer. You're full of crap.

When I taught at Tri-County Tech, nearly all of my student's credits would transfer to real schools. Our classes were stupid easy and you got credit for some very hard college classes. It was a great scam for the students.

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