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Comment Re:Sucks to see the Republicans... (Score -1, Flamebait) 42

Republicans have always profited from death. They got their start with the US Civil War before deciding to make WWI worse and deciding to corner Japan into having to fight back. They constantly start wars. That is the way of their kind. By making money off of the death of astronauts, they are spitting on their graves. Republicans have no respect for life or death. You should never vote for one of their kind.

Comment Re:It's the end of the world as we know it! (Score 1) 307

> without any form of guarantee.

That part is not true. ICANN owns the address space, and their agreements state they can take some or all of it back if it isn't being used. The company I work for lost all of our /19 because they discovered we lied and had no intention of even using the space.

The Eli Lilly Crime Family would be an excellent target for ICANN. The family has for over a century hurt the public, and is only using a tiny fraction of their over 16 million IP addresses. That family hates us.

Plus, the USPS was prepared to give part of 56/8 back until the Bush asshole threaten to put people in prison for treason. The moron thought honoring the agreement on the use of IP addresses was treason. How stupid.

Comment Re:Teredo leaks (Score 4, Interesting) 65

But don't do that! Disabling IPv6 is an "unsupported configuration" to use the phrase our former Microsoft support rep used. I say former because they canceled our support contract without a refund after we admitted to disabling IPv6. There are many things broken in Windows if you disable IPv6, so many that Microsoft won't even try to support it and punishes people that do in order to publicize that fact.

Comment I guess it depends if Comcast has the monopoly... (Score 2) 461

where you live. I live in Seattle, and despite their government-granted monopoly for most of the city, Comcast typically only offers service in wealthy (read: profitable) areas. In much of the city, faster than dial-up is not available. I had 576 kbps DSL for several years, but it recently quit working so I had to back to dial-up. If you live somewhere with Comcast, then I guess AOL is much more popular in your area.

Comment Re:I am fucking flabbergasted (Score -1) 153

Here in Seattle, is cheaper and better, but a lot of people are still stuck with dial-up. With Comcast not offering service to their entire monopoly area and with the fifty+ year-old phone wiring on average to residential areas, DSL isn't available everywhere either. There's a small strip on Beacon Hill where competition is allowed between Wave and Comcast, but other than that, faster than dial-up service here is spotty. I had about half a megabit per second until about a month ago when it quit for good so I'm back on dial-up myself.

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