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Comment: Considering jQuery is malware... (Score -1, Funny) 78

by greenwow (#47974945) Attached to: Compromised To Serve Malware

it is illogical to lie and claim that it was compromised to serve malware. It was compromised to serve an additional malware. That is what happened. The headline uses Republican style logic. The only thing it didn't do was talk about how much the jQuery creators hate their users by spewing out such garbage that they shove down the throats of users. They are horrible people.

Comment: Just great (Score -1) 325

by greenwow (#47939227) Attached to: New Study Projects World Population of 11B by 2100

Now the Republicans are going to use this as a justification for their continued plans to murder minorities and the poor. Of course that is the way of their kind. They killed 250 million in the last century, and now some of them claim that they are aiming for ten times that number this century! Given that the Bush Crime Family only murdered 60 million in the Middle East, they are way behind on the pace to achieve that goal.

Comment: Re:Look, over there! (Score -1) 165

Exactly. These guys are so innocent even the CONservative government hasn't charged them with a crime. Just following the average person for an hour gives the thugs in blue an excuse to arrest and beat someone. By admitting that these Muslims didn't commit even jaywalking they're proving that the Muslims are the law abiding and peaceful ones here, and that the AU-version of Republicans are the racists.

Comment: Re:Wrong Title (Score -1, Flamebait) 499

by greenwow (#47876591) Attached to: Researcher Fired At NSF After Government Questions Her Role As 1980s Activist

Considering they're responsible for nearly 100,000 deaths per year from flooding the streets with guns, no one owes you any damn examples. The streets are running with the blood of thousands of examples that you racists ignore. You people are so hateful by demanding even more people die just so your kind can have the example that you demand. Compare that to the number of people the Teabaggers kill because their kind pushes the hobby of skiing in which about forty people die per year because of their racist ski garbage, and you see just how much their kind hates us. They love skiing because they are surrounded by white and away from minorities. That is what is so morally wrong with that. That is why snowboarders are the worst people and so often support drugs because of the horror the Republicans have caused by flooding the streets of minority neighborhoods with drugs. Their kind lives for that sort of thing. It is their way.

Comment: Re:Helium? (Score -1, Informative) 296

by greenwow (#47867967) Attached to: WD Announces 8TB, 10TB Helium Hard Drives

You are correct that there is no easy way. That's why the Republicans in 1996 ordered the US to destroy its helium reserves by 2015. The Republicans were right in that no private company would take over production thus creating a huge shortage that corporations could take advantage of. That's why this usage of helium is so noteworthy. It hands control of all large hard drive production over to the Republicans. The biggest worry now wrt the situation created by the Republicans is with MRI machines. They are destroying the world's ability to make new machines and to service existing ones. Popular Mechanics wrote an article that talks about this Republican-created problem:

A single MRI machine needs 10,000 liters of helium. The Republicans again are trying to destroy health care.

Comment: I thought was already made for... (Score -1) 13

by greenwow (#47857767) Attached to: Nonprofit Builds Salesforce Cloud For the Blind

the blind! Just look at the site. It is painful. They're shoving the most unpleasant garbage I've ever seen on the Internet down our throats. Of course because that company is ruled by Republicans that is what we get. Their kind can't make anything decent. They hate their users, and it shows. When I went to the headquarters near 92 and 101 in San Mateo, you could tell that if you weren't white they hate you. I wasn't called in for a second interview which proves they're racists.

Comment: My roommate and brother work for CenturyLink (Score -1) 44

by greenwow (#47854017) Attached to: CenturyLink Looks At Buying Rackspace

They have a seething hatred for Rackspace. They want to see it destroyed and their employees and families made homeless. This is going to be very bad for the Rackspace employees. Here in Seattle, most people hate them with a passion. I know my roommate certainly wants all of their employees dead.

Comment: Why attack Java like this? (Score -1) 94

by greenwow (#47841811) Attached to: Scala Designer Martin Odersky On Next Steps

Groovy was released first, but that didn't stop you from releasing something that would fragment and harm the Java ecosystem. As you've said before, you hate Java. You're doing a good job of hurting us and hurting Java. Too bad someone doesn't put a stop to your attack on us. We have families to take care of. You are harming children. I lost my last job because of we couldn't make a decision between Groovy and Scala before we ran out of time before our deadline. This fragmentation is destroying lives.

Comment: What an asshole piece of shit liar (Score -1) 62

by greenwow (#47838801) Attached to: Willow Garage Founder Scott Hassan Aims To Build a Startup Village

That isn't a garage. You have to be a dumbass wealthy Republican to think something that large is just a garage. Seriously, those morons are such gluttons. They simply are unable to comprehend reality. They don't understand that we are real people. They want us to die. They don't even understand what is wrong with that typical Republican belief. Of if they weren't stupid and violent, they wouldn't be Republicans in the first place. Of course now with elections coming up you're going to see more of these fake stories on /. shoved down our throats. The Republicans that run this site hate technology, and they hate us.

Comment: I don't know about programming languages... (Score -1) 729

but wrt web pages, web masters forgetting how to put more than one picture on a page has got to the be strangest thing wrt web pages. Why can't the morons at Infoworld put the content on a single page? Is their kind so stupid they can't find the fucking page down button or the scrollbar? I know they tried to shove Rmoney down our throats constantly like the rest of their kind, but this is ridiculous. Please hire people that know how to make web pages and are smart enough to use two tags on the same page. Seriously, stop pandering to Republicans and start trying to be a tech magazine again. Either that or just go full on Faux Knews and stop pretending to spew facts.

Comment: Re:Ban when you are done testing? (Score -1) 322

by greenwow (#47821963) Attached to: The Argument For a Hypersonic Missile Testing Ban

There is when the Republicans don't allow them to be build. Republicans do not believe in fairness. That is the way of their kind. That is why Bush gets a brand new carrier last week, but the Chinese are not allowed to have one as large. Eventually the Chinese will get tired of being run by Republicans just like the Japanese did in WWII when the Republicans backed them into a corner and forced them to attack us at Pearl Harbor. Republicans never change.

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