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Comment Re:Isn't the current mouse protection rule ... (Score 2) 207

It has been says in Dastar Corp. v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp that you cannot use trademark to restrict the usage of the public domain. Of course this won't prevent "clever" people to try to game the system by using trademark and creating lawsuit (like for Zorro, Tarzan, etc.)

Comment Re: The world needs the U.S. more... (Score 1) 381

I think that you should learn a little bit about the foreign policy of your country. Try to do business with a country under US embargo, the US will go after you wherever you are (and will try to deny you to trade with US dollar, even if you have no ties to the USA). In my country, I have to sign a fucking paper stating that I'm not a US citizen to open a bank account because your country tries to enforce its laws all over the world. Your country is the only one in the world who tries to tax its citizen wherever they are, disregarding the local tax system, and I'm not talking about any subject related to IP as the number of example will just skyrocket (Megaupload for instance) Seeing a US citizen complaining that another country is trying to enforce its laws all over the world is just a sick joke. That's how you behave every single day!

Comment Re:Still in sad condition (Score 3, Interesting) 176

And if you want to move to France, you still get roman arena (quite well preserved) in use and where animal still get killed: * Arles Amphitheatre (built 10 year after Collessum) where Bullfight still take place * Arena of Nîmes (90-120AD), also used for bullfight

Submission + - SPAM: TSA Scores 95% on Airport Breach Tests Failures

cmarkn writes: Homeland Security agents posing as passengers were able get weapons past TSA agents in 67 out of 70 tests—a 95 percent failure rate, according to agency officials. The acting head of the Transportation Security Administration has been reassigned.

"The numbers in these reports never look good out of context, but they are a critical element in the continual evolution of our aviation security," Homeland Security officials said in a statement. They didn't mention what context could make this look good.

This isn't the first time TSA officers have failed to detect fake terrorists and their weapons. However, this time, TSA agents reached a new low, failing to detect almost everything. But at least they're protecting us from cannolis being carried onto planes.

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Comment Re:Simplistic (Score 1) 385

Yes most aircraft crashes involve pilot error (around 67%), however this number doesn't represent how many crashes were prevented because there was a human in the cockpit. Given the number of incident reported, I think that with our current level of technology it would be much worse. But as you said, one day fully automated flight will be safer than letting a human in command.

Submission + - Drones cost $28,000 for one arrest ( 2

mpicpp writes: They are sleek, mostly silent converted weapons of war: Drones used by the Border Patrol to scan the skies in the empty deserts of the Southwest to spot illegal immigrants and then, if things work out, have agents arrest them. That's the idea, and the agents who use them say the drones give them a vantage point they never had before.

Flying at 18,000 feet, the drones view the landscape below, lock onto potential suspects crossing the Arizona desert, and agents on the ground move into make the arrests. But it's outrageously expensive: $28,000 for a single arrest.

Comment Re:Quebec Language Police (Score 1) 578

What's with all of this revisionist history? Seems like everyone is trying to take the opportunity to misattribute the coining of words to French. No, the French did not coin the word geography. The word geography was coined by the ancient greek philosopher Eratosthenes.

So I don't see your point, you just demonstrated that it is a basic feature of romance/latin language to import word from Greek and that latin root are just the base of all romance language. (that all share a very close vocabulary)

Tsunami is Japanese. French? "Tsunami"

Yes you can use Tsunami in French (like you can do in English) but the phenomena is know in French as "raz-de-marée" and "sarrigue" can be used for opposum, automate is also a synonyme for robot etc. I think that a basic knowledge of the French language will help you to pick better exemples...

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