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Comment: Re:For those who didn't RTFA (Score 1) 503

by gravesb (#31144620) Attached to: Bill Gates Responds To Apple iPad
I think Siri will be the killer app. I tried that thing on an iPhone 3G, and I've never seen voice recognition work as well. As it improves and becomes more useful, it might just replace the keyboard for most tasks on the iPad. If Apple is smart, they'll buy the company up so that it really differentiates the iPad from other devices.

Comment: Need to start over (Score -1, Flamebait) 736

by gravesb (#30334940) Attached to: Scientific Journal <em>Nature</em> Finds Nothing Notable In CRU Leak
First, these guys are assholes who should never work again. That does not mean, however, that their work is incorrect. The problem is that everyone is working at two or three levels removed. Stop trying to analyze the source code. None of their theories is scientific unless we can replicate the tests. Write new source code to map whatever raw data is still around. If that comes to similar conclusions, then maybe the harm is minimal. (The harm to science as an institution is great, I think, at least in the mind of the public.). If it comes to wildly different conclusions, then we can work from there. Any work that is based on data no longer available should not be considered valid.

Comment: Re:Best of a bad idea (Score 1) 594

by gravesb (#28916341) Attached to: "Cash For Clunkers" Program Runs Out of Gas
Because small businesses are notorious for stuffing money into mattresses. If you want to encourage spending, there needs to be a stable tax plan. But threats of higher taxes in the short and long term, threats of new regulations and restrictions keeps people from investing. Why am I going to buy bonds when I know the government might screw with the system and limit my returns. Worse yet, why am I going to buy bonds when the gov't is going to come in and make sure I get nothing--see, GM.

Comment: Re:Wow (Score 1) 594

by gravesb (#28915911) Attached to: "Cash For Clunkers" Program Runs Out of Gas
I'd be willing to wager that you aren't giving people money back. I pay taxes, and am not eligible for the program. Since we are closing in on less than half the population paying taxes, I bet at least some of the people taking advantage of the program don't pay taxes, or at least pay less than $4,500. It is redistribution.

Comment: Best of a bad idea (Score 1) 594

by gravesb (#28915893) Attached to: "Cash For Clunkers" Program Runs Out of Gas
Subsidizing new cars isn't a great idea. The government is still moving money around, which is inefficient. Its like moving energy-there is some loss for administration at the least. When the government does it, they have to raise taxes, which creates disincentives on the margin. This ends up being another bailout for the auto industry as well. If the industry really needs all of the money we are giving them, we should have let them collapse and move all of that capital to places where it would actually do some good. But, if we are going to do the whole stimulus thing, and we aren't going to cut taxes like we should, then this seems like a marginally acceptable way to do it.

Comment: Thanks again, /. (Score 4, Insightful) 202

by gravesb (#28875795) Attached to: Company Awarded "The Patent For Podcasting"
for making me click through to get to the actual patent. Anyway, from reading some of the patent, it looks like they were trying to patent something at least somewhat interesting and unique. However, claim 1--the only independent claim--pretty clearly covers iTunes, among other prior art. I am not sure if it was bad drafting or bad intent, but I would not bring this to Apple's attention if I were the company. I've read some patent applications were the value added was miniscule, and the only way to see it is to look at some of the prosecution history. Maybe that's the case here, but I am too lazy to dig through the history. With a filing date of 2003, I doubt this will survive much scrutiny. That sucks if this company was trying to do something interesting. That's great if they are trolling.

Comment: Re:Well I for one (Score 3, Interesting) 202

by gravesb (#28494965) Attached to: The Battle Between Google and Facebook
The problem is that the target isn't you, or the general slashdot audience. It is the advertisers, and they are interested in easily suggestible numbers. The more people, and the more suggestible, the better. Facebook also seems better targeted to guiding people to what they didn't know they needed-the advertisers' best friend. I think control of the Internet in this sense means control of advertising dollars. Like you, I'm going to stick with Google and discount anything I see on Facebook. But like you, I am in the minority. The real question is what the majority of people on the Internet will do.

Comment: Re:Green Car on a Budget - Innovation Not Required (Score 1) 505

by gravesb (#28464931) Attached to: Tesla Nabs $465M Government Loan To Build Model S
You do realize that your post contains internal contradictions, in addition to misstated facts? The American car companies would love to live on high margin cars, such as pick-ups and SUV's, but they are forced by CAFE standards and two-fleet rules to make small, cheap cars in the US. That screws with profit margins. Ford is the top selling car company in England, and GM is tops in China. Until recently, Chrysler was a German company. Things aren't as clear as you imply. And, if Americans bought whatever was cheapest, then they would buy the American cars. They don't, however. Look at sales figures-the cheapest cars are never near the top.

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