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Comment: Re:power saving tip: disable the optical drive (Score 3, Interesting) 907

by graphicsguy (#29188319) Attached to: Why Is Linux Notebook Battery Life Still Poor?
True. But if the original poster had supplied a bunch of config and log files, I'll bet there would be a bunch of people here providing more relevant technical solutions. Unfortunately, performance questions that seem very general often have very case-specific answers.

Comment: Re:He's also right (Score 1) 502

by graphicsguy (#28091855) Attached to: World's "Fastest" Small Web Server Released, Based On LISP

These days we are also starting to think how we can utilize vector processors, which to gamers are quite familiar as their video cards. Everyone has one, either they know it or not, nowadays they install a 500 mFlops graphics card in PCs in use by hotel receptionists.

Think about what languages these GPUs are programmed in (CUDA, Cg, GLSL, etc.), and what language do these languages in turn try to mimic? Oh yeah, C. :-P

Comment: Handy Secret Commands! (Score 4, Informative) 575

by graphicsguy (#27037191) Attached to: Uproar Over Netflix's New Instant Viewer
I just tried it yesterday. It seems to work fine. No fast-forward/reverse, but forward/backward selection from an image preview stack works well enough for me (for now). It does seem like the default auto-bitrate tends to set things on the low side. Try control-shift-alt-b to manually select from the three available bitrates, and control-shift-alt-m for a menu of other interesting stuff.

Comment: NetHack song (Score 1) 170

by graphicsguy (#25618539) Attached to: 10th Year of the International Nethack Tournament
What?! A whole thread devoted to nethack, and no mention yet of Rob Balder's NetHack song?

I don't mind the text sometimes, the images it shows.
Running from the Ds and Ls, and killing all the Os.
Faded prints and subtle hints and fortune cookie lies.
You never ID all your stuff, until your @ sign dies.


+ - SPAM: The evolution of the Tree of Life 1

Submitted by
Roland Piquepaille
Roland Piquepaille writes: "The Tree of Life was an expression used by Charles Darwin to describe the diversity of organisms on Earth and their evolutionary history. There are only two life forms, eukaryotes, which gather their genetic material in a nucleus, and prokaryotes, such as bacteria, which have their genetic material floating freely in the cell. Until recently, eukaryotes, which include humans, were divided in five groups. But now, European researchers have found that the Tree of Life has lost a branch. After doing the largest ever genetic comparison of life forms, they concluded that there are only four groups of eukaryotes. But read more for additional references and see how the Tree of Life has lost one of its branches."

+ - HD DVD & BLURAY officially cracked

Submitted by Hobb3s
Hobb3s writes: The guys at the Doom 9 forum. are marking February 11, 2007 as the day when digital rights management was defeated on Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. It turns out that cracking the high definition disc formats was much easier than was originally thought. The processing key that can unravel the DRM on all HD DVD and Blu-ray discs has been found by a clever encryption fighter named arnezami. Story

+ - Multidimensional parameter representation

Submitted by Jeff
Jeff writes: I'm a physicist working on several different projects at the moment. The basics are all the same, build a model, and history match a sparse poor quality multiparameter dataset to find a range of solutions. The idea is to map out all the solutions in parameter space that satisfy my requirements. Easy in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions, since the parameters are all orthogonal. But what about problems with 8, 10, 12 or more parameters. Is there any GPL software out there capable of representing something like this? If not, could anyone recommend a text, paper, or publication that deals with how best to represent results like this so that people not used to thinking in n-dimensional space can understand them? Cheers, Jeff.

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