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by grantpalin (#40687945) Attached to: Canadian Supreme Court Entrenches Tech Neutrality In Copyright Law

The SCC can look at a law in question and determine if it is in keeping with the Constitution. If said law conflicts with the Constitution, then it is considered invalid. The Constitution is supreme.

It can be changed, and has been some number of times. Some changes are relatively easy to make, where a change pertains only to one province. Other changes that involve multiple provinces are harder, but still doable. One of the hardest changes to make is the position of the Governor General, which requires unanimous approval, so the GG's position as-is can be considered entrenched in the Constitution.

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by grantpalin (#37807248) Attached to: Kobo To Release Android Tablet E-Reader
The Kobo uses ePub, which is an open format I believe. Yes you can make purchases directly from the Kobo store, but you can also sideload content from other sources. I have purchased ebooks from Sitepoint, O'Reilly, and Manning and read the ePub editions on my Kobo without issue. It's even possible to purchase Kindle-formatted content, and convert to ePub using the likes of Calibre.

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