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Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 498

by graikor (#39306637) Attached to: SFPD Breathalyzer Mistake Puts Hundreds of DUI Convictions In Doubt

Your point is probably accurate - it is unlikely that fines from individuals have much of an impact on a Police Department's budget. Still, I'll bet they can have a tremendous impact on the budget of a typical individual. I imagine a person living pretty much paycheck-to-paycheck would be hit hard by a fine for DUI, and it would truly suck if the conviction wouldn't have occurred if the machines were properly calibrated...

Realistically, the margin of error, even on a machine which hadn't been calibrated on its schedule, may not be enough to have made a substantial difference, but still...

Comment: I hate to bring this up, but... (Score 1) 111

by graikor (#38846473) Attached to: ReDigi Defends Used Digital Music Market

I know we all want to retain the right to resell what we have purchased, even at a loss, but this system seems to have a DRM that isn't terribly effective. It looks like an obvious flaw, and no one's pointing it out, so I guess we're supposed to pretend we don't see it?

It appears I can make a back up of my iTunes music, install the files on a secondary computer which is running the ReDigi DRM software, and sell them from there. This would not impact my files on my iOS devices, nor would it affect the files on my primary computer which does not have ReDigi installed.

The only way I could see this meeting a bulletproof Rights Management standard would be for the only non-ephemeral copies to be stored in the locker in the first place: in other words, you'd have to download directly from iTunes to the cloud, so that no copy of the song would ever reside on your computer. Once you have the file on your system, there will always be a way to copy it, and the DRM agent isn't omniscient.

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