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Comment Rapidly diminishing Firefox (Score 1) 313

Currently, I am a Firefox user - but maybe not for much longer if they carry on like this.

First, they introduce Australis, and refuse to listen to any of their users complaining that it suffers from bad usability.

For a long time, I was using the full theme support, in order to not have to use crappy Australis. I stopped doing so, not because I don't want to use theme support, but because the themes themselves don't work with newer versions - continual bloody cat and mouse game.

I've never used tab groups, but maybe there is a reason for that - if you want users to use a feature, DON'T HIDE IT. Seriously, the average user would have no idea that tab groups even exist, because there is no button for it by default, no menu for it. You either have to customise the UI, or know an obscure hotkey.

I had switched back to Firefox because Chrome isn't as efficient as it appears to be. But at this rate, I'm either going to be back on Chrome, or going to Vivaldi. The only thing preventing me from giving Edge a serious go is a lack of plugins.

Comment Horses for courses (Score 3, Insightful) 371

Imho, the biggest "flaw" with agile development, is that it is - if not selling itself, seen as by many as - being everything to everyone. You can take a bit of this or leave a bit of that, but this is the right way of doing things. And it all gets wrapped up in terminology (agile, velocity, etc.), that suggest that the process will be faster and better.

But different processes have different strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes it's more important to put in design effort upfront. Sometimes it's most important to make the most efficient use of resources (e.g. not wasting time doing things based on a narrow requirement knowing that you'll need to change it later), sometimes it's important to be able to adapt to changes, and knowingly change requirements based on feedback. Agile methodologies only really address the last one.

The best results will come from understanding what the project needs, and choosing the methodology that best addresses that, not from always trying to fit one methodology to every project.

Comment Re:PS4 Drive Replaceable (Score 1) 106

Replaceable - but not really swappable.

At the very least, future consoles should at least make the storage hot-swappable, encouraging that you can install a large library across multiple storage units.

It might be that you want to have some other fixed internal storage for game saves, to help support cloud backup facilities.

But to be honest, it's about time we went back to cartridges. Memory costs are low enough now, and game prices so high, that the cost of manufacture, even at Blu-Ray scale, isn't prohibitive.

Simply being able to unplug one game, plug another in, and start up instantly was a big part of the console experience.

Moving to CD was mildly problematic with loading screens, but well executed titles largely got around that problem.

But now, even if you buy a game on disc, you have to spend hours installing it (and then updating it). And it doesn't save you on space on the console, so you still have to juggle the games.

Owning a console just isn't any fun anymore.

Comment Re:Fine with me. (Score 1) 230

More likely though is that Steam offers an experience more like consoles - with SteamOS, big picture mode, new controller, steam machines.

And with the added benefit that the hardware is backwards compatible (OK, SteamOS won't run Windows titles, but going forward...), and the games are much cheaper.

As for "always-on", I *do* have a big issue with this. Yes, I have an "always connected" broadband. But that doesn't mean it is bullet proof. It doesn't mean their servers are bullet proof either.

I have deezer that requires an internet connection. I have Netflix and Amazon Prime that need an internet connection. I don't want *all* of my entertainment to require an internet connection, as what do you do when it does break? As I only ever play single player games, there is no good justification to needing it to be always on.

Comment Re:No discs = no buy (Score 1) 230

It's time to get rid of discs. Thumb drives are so cheap in blu-ray capacities, and the cost of games so high, shipping games on "cartridges" again is practical, and save the pressure on local storage.

I miss the old days where you could have a giant library of as many games as you want / could afford, plug them in and instantly play them without having to install them, or juggle what you have installed.

Console gaming now is more like PC gaming - except it's less flexible, the hardware is uinderpowered / gets outdated very quickly, backwards compatibility is a challenge, and the games are FAR more expensive.

The next generation needs to change significantly, otherwise it will be utterly irrelevant in the face of Steam / SteamOS.

Comment Re:Uber has huge infrastructure investments (Score 1) 206

And the point that is being made to you is that isn't as relevant.

If you launch in a new city, you aren't going to be profitable immediately. Even more so when you are breaking into new countries. That more established regions are profitable, demonstrates that the business can become profitable in new territories, given time.

Yes, investors are looking for returns. But they aren't necessarily looking for immediate returns, and dividends are only part of the story. Investments are (generally) for the long haul, and whilst the market cap is growing, then investments can still be cashed out for a profit, even without any income.

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