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Comment Re:I would sell it (Score 1) 654

Though that presumably is because you didn't select a place to live based on the transit network.

I can get to work in 15 mins on the bus vs 12 minutes in the car. I can get to the center of town at almost any time of day, i can get into our nearest big city, i can get to two other towns, i can get to the airport all without needing to walk more than about 5 minutes. I also don't pay anything for my bus pass.

Even then I only ever use it if it's raining or snowy and I don't want to take the bike or walk.

Comment Re:Ford now off my list. (Score 2) 151

it's also pretty ridiculous because the time window when they could have monetized that data at all ended a few years ago.

Google already knows everywhere I go and are already able to tell whether i'm in a car, bike, plane or on foot. They really don't need the automakers to get on board with that.

Comment Re:Algorithm (Score 4, Insightful) 233

I can't offer you anything more than an anecdote, but i work for an apparel brand and generally women buy far more than men. I'd even guess that women buy more men's clothes than men.

In targeting ads it's generally a good strategy for us to buy ads that just target female buyers because the roi is significantly better. Not sure if that factors into other decisions, but I expect that might have some impact on it.

Comment Re:Generally? You don't. (Score 1) 318

It does seem to be rare. I had one job in the UK that allowed it, but I was reporting to a US project team and my UK manager didn't really give a fuck as longs the cash kept flowing through his department.

I've seen some terrible abuse and it's quite clear that some people just can't be trusted to work from home. In the US i've never had a job that didn't allow it at least some of the time, though at one place I had to spend at least 40% of my time in the office or I'd lose a permanent desk.

It seems like a good thing to negotiate. If your skills are in demand and you have no shortage of people trying to hire you then it seems like you can negotiate nearly anything you want.

Comment Re:and the beer is really good (Score 1) 528

The keg itself will stay good for at least a month if it's handled properly. Im' not sure about the lines running to it, but I've sat at the bar at those places and while a few beers might make up half the sales, I don't obviously notice taps going completely unused.

The brewpub across the street from me has two locations side by side and (iirc) 31 taps in one and 15 taps in the other. They stopped selling kegs from the brewery because they struggle to produce fast enough to feed their own pubs, I've never noticed anything particularly stale.

Also the lesser used stuff often tends to be things that are in a more barleywine style and that has the added bonus that it should have a longer shelf life.

Comment Re:Ride one in January (Score 1) 100

Surely if you see a lane that's completely empty, you are likely to consider switching to the mode of transit that can use it.

Bikes a huge net win to cities because they are far cheaper to support than cars. Without taking action like this then nobody will want to use the, but even that's not enough - I can depend on my city ploughing bike trails and lanes (sometimes before they've even ploughed the road) and all the city buses are equipped with bike racks should I decide it's just too crappy out to ride home. Once it reaches that level of support then people do use them. I think about half the people in my office ride in to work in good weather, though certainly fewer when it's raining or snowing.

Comment Re:What's that you say? (Score 2) 528

I prefer the US. Though I'm young, in good health and am very well paid. Though I have the ultimate fallback and can potentially retire to the UK when thats a better fit for my needs.

Selfish certainly, but it's nice to have that option.

If i wasn't on a six figure income I'd probably go back though, the US is horribly stacked against the lower middle class.

Comment Re:What's that you say? (Score 1) 528

I was actually pretty surprised to see a similar track in italy. I worked with a guy at a supplier there who "only" had a high school education but was working in software.

Few US employers would touch someone like that (especially fresh out of high school) but there seems to be a different mentality over there where you can transition into jobs like that starting as an intern.

Comment Re:What's that you say? (Score 4, Insightful) 528

But you are also suggesting that's just for education which is clearly untrue.

I've never lived in Germany, but in Scotland you get a lot more for your income tax dollars than you do in the US. Of course if you happen to never get sick or never need welfare then the US is probably going to win overall, but it's hard to make that bet.

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