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Comment: Re:The best trick (Score 1) 256

by grahamsz (#49112711) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Parental Content Control For Free OSs?

Which is great! I learned a lot of my introductory networking stuff trying to thwart my high school's web filters.

My son isn't old enough for this to be an issue yet, but I think my strategy will be to tell him that I log all the web traffic going through the house. I'll be clear that I'm not going through every single record, but if I have reason to believe he's up to something inappropriate then I'll be able to go back and check.

I think then just being open about why some internet porn is damaging and being available to discuss anything he does find is probably the best option. I almost wonder about giving him a zivity login or something that would let him look at naked people without going further.

Comment: Github have their own windows client now (Score 1) 343

by grahamsz (#49073927) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Version Control For Non-Developers?

It's quite a lot simpler and idiot proof than tortoisegit.

I recently deployed it in a someone similar situation but we aren't really looking to do any kind of branching, just keep a set of shared files on machines in several locations that have a full version history and change log.

I still expect I'll have to go in myself and resolve any conflicts or deal with the situation where we need the version from september, but for day to day commits I think the github tool will work quite well

Comment: Re:You don't say! (Score 1) 580

by grahamsz (#49043399) Attached to: Low Vaccination Rates At Silicon Valley Daycare Facilities

I have no idea if the state rate is a median or mean rate, but it'd make pretty good sense for the state to express their rate as a median.

Given that, the fact that half the facilities in an area are below the median and half are above is completely unremarkable. It's indeed exactly what you'd expect to find if that area was totally average (by CA standards)

Comment: You aren't paying for them (Score 1) 330

by grahamsz (#49041843) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Affordable Large HD/UHD/4K "Stupid" Screens?

You aren't paying a penny for the typical "smart" tv feature-set. If samsung chose to make a dumb version of a tv then it'd cost at least as much because they'd effectively have the same BOM but end up with a product that was designed for a niche market.

Technology aside, i'm pretty sure TV makers actually collect from netflix/spotify/hulu and whoever else is pre-installed, which ultimately makes the smart product cheaper still.

It's much like adding video features to digital cameras - the extra features bring the final price down.

Comment: Re:Because everyone mono-tasks (Score 1) 255

by grahamsz (#48908475) Attached to: Verizon, Cable Lobby Oppose Spec-Bump For Broadband Definition

We do it plenty.

Girlfriend is a graphic designer so she's routinely pulling/pushing gigs of files to dropbox, usually she'll be streaming something from netflix if she's waiting for files to transfer, then i'm working remotely on a terminal services session while streaming audio.

Having said all that, comcast recently bumped us from 50/10 to 105/10 and that rarely makes a difference. But I think we'd notice if we were getting less than 10 down.

Comment: Re:Statistical Anomaly? (Score 1) 108

by grahamsz (#48319303) Attached to: Gigabit Internet Connections Make Property Values Rise

Well it's actually more like cutting off a pool of buyers.

Just like someone with a physical disability might immediately eliminate all homes with stairs. Someone who works from home will immediately eliminate all home with crappy internet access.

I'd pay 100% less for a home that doesn't have good internet access.

Comment: Re:If you proposed a $5000 hookup-tax for internet (Score 1) 108

by grahamsz (#48319265) Attached to: Gigabit Internet Connections Make Property Values Rise

However those are also the people that many cities want to attract.

One of the satellite cities round here is developing city wide municipal fiber and expects to have everyone connected in a few years time. I'm not looking to move at the moment, but it is a decent factor that will put them in the running for our next home.

Personally I chose my current home, in part, because i could get 50mbit/s from comcast, 40mbit/sec from centurytel, good 4g and two fixed wireless providers. I'm also less than 20' from the city fiber network, although they don't presently let consumers buy access to that.

Comment: Re:NYC Resident Here (Score 3) 149

by grahamsz (#47748793) Attached to: Airbnb To Hand Over Data On 124 Hosts To New York Attorney General

You could always exploit the review system of airbnb to force a change.

Whenever their guests are quiet you can flip the tables and go knock on their door at midnight. Tell them "[landlord's name] said you've have shit ready for me". Once they get a few reviews of "Strange people show up in the middle of the night maybe trying to buy drugs" it should in theory sort itself out :)

Comment: Re:Much ado about nothing (Score 1) 748

by grahamsz (#47703647) Attached to: News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

I believe Reddit has the advantage that small groups run the individual subreddits and few people associate the garbage in a reddit like /theredpill with the site as a whole. Controversial topics are effectively discussed far away from the main page.

Drew (and to a lesser extent me, as primary admin of a fark off-shoot) is faced with a nearly impossible task of keeping a coherent standard of moderation across all topics. Someone who trolls political threads might be a positive contributor when discussing cars or beer - reddit's model facilitates that better.

The other problem is that the user base changes over time. Misogyny in paticular has probably driven away thousands of fark users, but adding the rule now is too little too late - those users are unlikely to return and the users that are left are (on average) going to be far more resistant to the new rule.

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