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Comment Re:The contriversial parts in brief. (Score 1) 115

Reading the draft bill it's not just web tracking - all IP connecttions would be covered...

What are they?

44. A kind of communications data, an ICR is a record of the internet services a specific device has connected to, such as a website or instant messaging application. It is captured by the company providing access to the internet. Where available, this data may be acquired from CSPs by law enforcement and the security and intelligence agencies.

How are they intending to which Specific Device on a LAN behind a router using DHCP is making the connection? If there are connections, at different times, to a number of services from a particular IP address, how can they tell if it is same device connecting to those services?

Comment Re:Wow, way to fuck that up (Score 1) 172

As the content of sidebars and adverts mainly come from 'external' sources, one way to counter this problem would be to have an option to only search on the actual page and not in any included content. So that if the only match to the search is in an advert on a page, that page would not be included in the search results but the page to which you would be directed if you clicked on the advert would be included (only once and not generate hits for every other page carrying the advert)

Comment Re:Apparently nobody can read (Score 1) 487

This service only shares OPEN WIFI -- i.e. routers that had no passwords on them to begin with.

So what is it sharing? If the connection is open, then there are no credentials for it to share? In the case of open WiFi, the only thing I can think of that it could share is the list of Open SSIDs to which the user has connected?

Comment Why blame IPv6? (Score 1) 65

Why blame IPv6 for this? Any VPN only carries traffic which matches its traffic criteria - for IpSec the SA definition (Encryption Domain in Cisco speak). So IPv4 has the same issue if the source/destination IP addresses and Ports do not match those which are configured to pass over the VPN. Amongst other things, this allows a single system (host, router or security device) to terminate multiple VPNs and route traffic over the appropriate one (or directly).

Comment Re:So is there a form for the ISP (Score 2) 99

What customers are complaining about is not the inability to to use their full bandwidth 24x7, but the inability to use it for the (relatively short) periods when they want to. The problem is not people using the full bandwidth 24x7, but that there are times (peak period) when more people want to use it than the ISP has provisioned the bandwidth for.

Comment Re:Spyware companies will love it (Score 1) 172

Allowing the browser to access to locally installed fonts (for rendering text) should not be a problem. What should be disabled is the ability for the browser to inform the web server about the installed fonts, as well as other characteristics of the system.

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