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Comment: Re:Could we be so lucky? (Score 1) 235

by grahamm (#46294579) Attached to: FCC Planning Rule Changes To Restore US Net Neutrality

Oversubscribed always means "congested sometimes".

The analogue telephone network is oversubscribed. It would not be possible for all phones to be on a call simultaneously. However it is extremely rare for there to be congestion - when someone picks up the phone they get a dial tone and can attempt to connect to the destination number. The called phone might be busy, but it is almost unheard of for the call to fail because of network congestion.

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by grahamm (#46294419) Attached to: FCC Planning Rule Changes To Restore US Net Neutrality

The last mile is the one place which should not be affected, as it is a dedicated link between the customer premises and the DSLAM (or equivalent) so is non-contended bandwidth. It is the various network entities between the DSLAM and the originating server which are shared with other connections and therefore contended and subject to throttling.

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by grahamm (#46216651) Attached to: How To Hack Subway Fares Using Fare Arbitrage

Train companies in the UK do something similar. If you go through London at peak-time (8am - 10am) or (5pm and 7pm), then there is higher ticket price than at other times (x1.5 to x2) . But This applies to any journey starting at these times, not necessarily in London. So you could split your journey into separate ticket segments (8am Liverpool to Oxford) (12pm to 2pm Oxford to London), and avoid this "surcharge".

One difference is that in the UK splitting/combining railway tickets is explicitly allowed by the rules National Conditions of Carriage. Though tickets are non-transferrable.

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by grahamm (#46173295) Attached to: Fracking Is Draining Water From Areas In US Suffering Major Shortages

If the area has a drought then priority for water should be given to human consumption and hygene usages. Anyone using 'industrial' quantities of water should be charged in such a way as to discourage its use. Either that or the oil companies should have to pay for pipelines and pumps to bring sea water to their sites rather than competing for the local water supply. Even better make them not only pipe in sea water but also provide desalination plants to augment the local drinking water supplies. After all, the oil companies are no strangers to long distance pipelines.

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by grahamm (#46098763) Attached to: Quentin Tarantino Vs. Gawker: When Is Linking Illegal For Journalists?

I think that a link is the direct equivalent of a citation. The extra functionality is in the user's brower which, when clicking on the link. does the equivalent of "sending a robot into the stacks to fetch the cited publication and open it at the appropriate page"

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