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Comment Re:Apparently nobody can read (Score 1) 487 487

This service only shares OPEN WIFI -- i.e. routers that had no passwords on them to begin with.

So what is it sharing? If the connection is open, then there are no credentials for it to share? In the case of open WiFi, the only thing I can think of that it could share is the list of Open SSIDs to which the user has connected?

Comment Why blame IPv6? (Score 1) 65 65

Why blame IPv6 for this? Any VPN only carries traffic which matches its traffic criteria - for IpSec the SA definition (Encryption Domain in Cisco speak). So IPv4 has the same issue if the source/destination IP addresses and Ports do not match those which are configured to pass over the VPN. Amongst other things, this allows a single system (host, router or security device) to terminate multiple VPNs and route traffic over the appropriate one (or directly).

Comment Re:So is there a form for the ISP (Score 2) 99 99

What customers are complaining about is not the inability to to use their full bandwidth 24x7, but the inability to use it for the (relatively short) periods when they want to. The problem is not people using the full bandwidth 24x7, but that there are times (peak period) when more people want to use it than the ISP has provisioned the bandwidth for.

Comment Re: Grade is on the curve (Score 2) 110 110

If not to the ISP, who should Netflix or YouTube pay the costs to? They don't bear them directly, because the traffic is necessarily much cheaper for them to carry than it is for the ISP.

They should pay the costs for their connection to/at the Internet Exchange Points (IXP) the same way the ISPs pay for their connections to the IXP.

Comment Re:Over-reacting is required (Score 2) 148 148

Why would the takedown notice be sent to the ISP? Would it not be sent to one of the contacts in the WHOIS for the domain?

Do most DMCA notices not just require taking down a single URL rather than all pages in a domain? In which case it is the site owner, or their webmaster, who has to action the notice, so sending the notice to the ISP will just delay the process.

Comment Re:why? (Score 2) 346 346

I disagree with your disagreement of the analogy. What if your house is rented or you have put the physical letter is in a safety deposit box in the bank? In both these cases the physical location is owned by someone else and you are just renting the space. Is this any different from you renting the e-mailbox space on the google (or other ISP) servers?

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