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Comment: Re:My mom's husband has hearing aid troubles (Score 1) 698

by gr8fulnded (#37359124) Attached to: Is There a Hearing Aid Price Bubble?

Not all hearing aids work for all ears. It sounds like the people next to your parents have a very moderate hearing loss whereas your father has a level higher than that. I wear a BTE in one ear (other ear is just there for looks these days...doesn't work at all) because the inside-the-canal HA's simply aren't strong enough for me. If I had to guess, and this is purely a guess, it was a perfect situation of your hotel-mates didn't need stronger HA's and your father does. Neither one had a need to know of the other options available because the option THEY needed was the one that suited them.

Comment: Re:Since no one ever buys them... (Score 2, Informative) 698

by gr8fulnded (#37359088) Attached to: Is There a Hearing Aid Price Bubble?

You, sir or madam, are ignorant. Most insurance plans don't cover hearing aids. And try to get one of these digital hearing aids through the gummint. Ain't gonna happen.

True on the insurance part, not so much on the gov't part. I get a digital hearing aid for 100% free (thank you, taxpayers) every two years from the VA. They rolled to full digital HA's a long time ago.

Comment: fail2ban (Score 3, Informative) 298

by gr8fulnded (#36186724) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: FTP Server Honeypots?

How about fail2ban? We use it to block multiple SSH attempts. It blacklists IP's for a user-defined amount of time and then unblocks them again. Works like a charm, every time. Hell, it's even locked me out on more than one time (because I didn't update the whitelist file for my workstation's IP).

"Fail2ban scans log files like /var/log/pwdfail or /var/log/apache/error_log and bans IP that makes too many password failures. It updates firewall rules to reject the IP address."

Comment: Ask about them... (Score 3, Interesting) 569

by gr8fulnded (#29002107) Attached to: What Questions Should a Prospective Employee Ask?

Ask your interviewers how long they've been with the company, and why do they stay? The second one is more important if you're in a current "hot" field where people jump ship quite a bit. It tends to give a little more insight into the corporate culture and those you'll be working with, in my experiences.

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