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Comment: Re:stupid (Score 1) 518

by gpinkham (#36109124) Attached to: AP Files FOIA Request For Bin Laden Photos

Well Al Quaeda said he's dead. Why would they admit this if they weren't certain it was true?

my only thought to why would be that he was already dead and now they can blame the US government for his death making him a martyr.. Otherwise there would be no reason.. not sure I buy this theory but I guess it's as likely as any of the other "conspiracies".. :-)

Comment: Re:No More Integration (Score 1) 161

by gpinkham (#35200996) Attached to: Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy S II
being a captivate owner I'm pissed at not having an update for Android.. but I can't solely blame Samsung.. Rogers in Canada has an updated Captivate ROM. AT&T (my provider) does not.. Why? Is it Samsung or AT&T.. My guess is more AT&T but I'm sure Samsung holds some blame.. AT&T doesn't want to provide the update because of the tethering feature..

Comment: Re:Kennedy's folly and sad legacy (Score 1) 617

by gpinkham (#34039216) Attached to: US Supreme Court Expected Political Ad Transparency

Kennedy has always attempted to be a fair mediator between the left and right impulses on the Court. But he really blew it on this one. His attempt at moderation in this case has taken an already out-of-control problem and made it much worse. This ruling will ensure that individual citizens are forevermore completely and totally drowned out in our government by corporate interests and their puppet foundations/non-profits. It was almost that way *already*, but now the big interests won't even have to *try* to hide their bribery. And, thanks to this, nothing short of a Constitutional amendment will ever stop corporate control of the government now (and good luck getting a 2/3's majority in a Congress owned by those corporations). Thanks Anthony!

I love the corporate this and corporate that.. you do realize that the public sector unions are spending the most money this election season.. not corporate america..

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