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Comment: Honeywell is known for this (Score 2) 137

by governorx (#39664099) Attached to: Nest Labs Calls Honeywell Lawsuit 'Worse Than Patent Troll'

Honeywell is known for this type of practice. I remember the last sales rep that came to our office. His statement was along the lines of 'you should just buy from us because we own all the IP. Even if you buy from a distributor or competitor you are still buying from us.'

They want their section of the market and will do anything to keep it.

Comment: I hate this trend! (Score 5, Interesting) 223

by governorx (#38986567) Attached to: Online Privacy Worth Less Than Marshmallow Fluff Six Pack

Dear Google,

I am not the average user. I am a technical user that is intelligent and values privacy. Please make me a google that gives relevant technical results for my queries instead of the hodge-podge that the average illiterate user can understand and click-through. xxx-answer or some similar should never be a result.

The results from the 25$ incentive will most likely be skewed in an unfavourable direction when compared to the search results I am looking for - due to the demographic (which I foresee) partaking in this research experiment. Please reconsider.

Signed: The guy that is always finding google harder and harder to use.

PS - Give me the option to search using an older algorithm.

Comment: Re:The article is weak (Score 2) 309

by governorx (#38635142) Attached to: Kodak Failing, But Camera Phones Not To Blame

Agreed, had a look the article and it failed to provide any of the following supportive arguments and evidence:

1) Pictures taken with Kodak cameras cannot be shared.
- I know this is not a fact. I get pictures all the time from my parents that use Kodak and their crapware EasyShare software.
2) Really I have more, but point 1 discredits the entire article.

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